Samsung has reduced the cost of two new high ends Smartphone. Which are Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini and Samsung Galaxy S3. This new price will add more affordability to the mobile phone. Here Galaxy S4 Mini is going to come for Rs.22,080 and the second one which is Samsung Galaxy S3 will come at the cost of Rs.24,900. Before the cost of high due to which it is was not in reach of all. But now as the price is slashed you can get one for yourself.

When Galaxy S3 was launched for the first time it was around Rs.43,180. And the cost of Galaxy S4 Mini was released at the price of Rs.27,990. You can see the price is reduced too much lower price offering you budget solution. The reason of price cut is not clarified yet, but we can expect this new festive offer. So if you are planning to buy a new high end phone you can go for the Galaxy Series. It is really surprising that within a month’s time the price are slashed to half.

Samsung is planning to rescue the price of more new models released recently. The steps are taking after Blackberry Z10 cut the price for Indian market. This new price cut will help buyers to buy this phone and enjoy the features of high end Smartphone. The price cut can be temporary. So it is essential that if you are going to buy do not wait back.