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Thread: Lumia 920 error "MTP USB device has a driver problem"

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    Lumia 920 error "MTP USB device has a driver problem"

    I have a Lumia 920 device. I am facing a problem in it while getting a music library. This is not available in the phone. I have some songs kept on the cloud and I am trying to get them on my device through an app. But when I try to do the same the library is disappeared. Anyone I manage to get some audio. I had then connected the device to my pc through the usb cable. And there was a popup about installing drivers.

    It was fine. The device appears as RM820 in my computer instead of Lumia 920. This is weird. I tried to re-install the driver and got MTP USB device has a driver error. What is this and how to fix it? I have a Windows 8 64bit system.

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    Re: Lumia 920 error "MTP USB device has a driver problem"

    There is no proper cure for the same. It happens commonly due to driver bug. Now what you can do is turn off the phone. Let it connected to the pc. Then turn it back on and wait back. Try to remove any existing drivers which are installed. If the device is properly installed you will see in Devices and Printers. I have my Lumia 300 connected in the same way and it works fine. It looks your pc is not able to recognize the device.

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    Re: Lumia 920 error "MTP USB device has a driver problem"

    Long back I got the same kind of issue on an old laptop. It was having Windows XP SP3. My friend has captured some images through his Lumia 920 phone. He wants them in the laptop. I connected the device and new hardware installation wizard appeared on the screen. It looks to be working fine, but in the end the same error appear. I had already posted a problem about that on the official Nokia forum but there is no reply from them yet.

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    Re: Lumia 920 error "MTP USB device has a driver problem"

    I am getting that on Mac for Lumia 920. It is shocking to find the same error on different Window platform. This is so pathetic. Being a high end phone it must work fine. But now it is giving this connectivity problem. And for Windows phone also you don't have proper pc suite software.

    This is so annoying. I thought I will get a removable storage options when I connect the phone to the pc. But the situation here is so different. And I had notice one more thing. Most of this issue appears only on 64bit systems. Device manager thing does not work here.

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