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Thread: How to uninstall Windows 8.1 and revert back to Windows 8

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    How to uninstall Windows 8.1 and revert back to Windows 8

    I had done a mistake by updating to Windows 8.1. I got the preview edition and updated that. But before that my friend has helped me to make a recovery disk. It was copied inside an external hard drive. It is copied properly. I am not really happy with the new version.

    It looks a bit slower compared to the older one. I want to revert back to the old Windows. Now officially Microsoft has not kept any option through which we can restore the old version back. When I go with restore will I lose all existing programs.

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    Re: How to uninstall Windows 8.1 and revert back to Windows 8

    Yes you will. There is an upgrade option available. This upgrade works well and keeps a list of existing program in the system. It will not remove anything nor will it touch you data. But there is no downgrade process available. Everything goes manual here. You have to run the recovery and it will wipe out everything. It will give you the old system with old files and program back. Just make a list of new programs and re-install them back after restoring the old Windows.

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    Re: How to uninstall Windows 8.1 and revert back to Windows 8

    The recovery drive which you had created has old files. You cannot downgrade the version. There is nothing like that. Then thing which you are going to do will be like re-installation of Windows which will wipe out everything and leave nothing in it?

    All you are going to get is your old software back so better backup on your data. Do not trust on the process. It is not going to help much. Here you are restoring an OS back not the settings.

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    Re: How to uninstall Windows 8.1 and revert back to Windows 8

    I am looking for that process from long time. But yet Microsoft has not come up with any downgrade process. Somehow it is not possible. Once you install the new version you had wiped out your old settings and apps. And if you want them back you have to restore it. That is the only way left. A recovery will run complete partition swipe. And then you can try to install all the apps manually one by one. That is the only possible option left.

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