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Thread: Compatibility Mode in Internet Explorer 11

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    Compatibility Mode in Internet Explorer 11

    I have a doubt about compatibility mode of Internet Explorer 11. Now it happens that a number of times some site does not open up and give you problem. You can open the same under compatibility mode. The issue commonly appear with plug-in and silverlight. So under compatibility this can be viewed well. But somehow it looks the new browser is having some issue. Some sites are not working well. I need some help to find a solution for the same.

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    Re: Compatibility Mode in Internet Explorer 11

    As you know Internet Explorer 11 is still in development, it may be bit buggy. Many are complaining about the same. But yet Microsoft has not given any fix. Compare to the new one older versions of Internet Explorer are far better and amazing. They have smooth interface and works well with all websites. I had notice this difference after upgrading to Windows 8.1. This just spoiled my work. Now I am trying to find some option through which I can simply get rid of this new browser and get the old one back.

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    Re: Compatibility Mode in Internet Explorer 11

    In internet explorer 11, there is developer option where you can change the browser compatibility mode and use the browser as IE 10 or any earlier version. here is how you can do the same:

    • Launch desktop version of Internet Explorer 11 and hit F12 with browser opened
    • Now click Browser Mode IE11 from the developer tools.
    • This will bring up the list of browsers saying IE7, IE8, and so on upto IE10
    • Simply select the one where you bank’s website was working well and you are done.

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    Re: Compatibility Mode in Internet Explorer 11

    This is minor bugs. That can be resolved by downgrading the browser or can be linked with the website also. Now number of time many websites are involved with tons of bugs which are common. In place of Internet Explorer 10 if you use Firefox or any other web browser then you will not face any problem. This is one of the best ways to fix the problem. It looks Microsoft is using a new engine in Internet Explorer 11 due to which you are facing the issue. Downgrading is not possible in it.

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    Re: Compatibility Mode in Internet Explorer 11

    This was automatic before. If a site is not properly loading, here Internet Explorer 10 detects that automatically and opens the same in compatibility mode. But right now there is an issue with that. I am not able to understand why. Why this thing just appeared so instantly in the browser. Fortunately I was able to locate a fix for that. Go in Tools and in that click on compatibility mode. It is situated at the top right side. You have to right click on that and add the site in the same. That's all. This will do the job. Next time if you open the site you will get it loaded under compatibility mode.

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