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Thread: Unlocking Galaxy Note 3 with Unlock Codes

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    Unlocking Galaxy Note 3 with Unlock Codes

    Galaxy Note 3 appears to a region lock device in few countries due to which you cannot use the device in other region. Earlier we posted how to avoid or unlock the Sim Restriction on Note 3 easily.Today in this short article I am going to show you how you can unlock the device and use it any place you want. Unlocking offers you extra benefits. Now here are various network providers around the world. When you carry the device from once place to another the phone network stops working. You can thene go for the local sim card. But if your device is region lock then it will not work. Through unlocking you can use your phone anywhere you want. This adds benefit of saving extra money which you are going to pay for roaming and other stuff.

    So letís move ahead with unlocking the phone. To obtain the unlock code you will have to visit unlock unit website. They offer the code. I am going to add the process only here.

    • Go to unlocunit dot com first. This website offer you the code for a small free and nice way of getting your device worked on different location.
    • On the site you can see a yellow box. There you will have to add your phones imei number. This is a 15digit imei number which is fixed. It is usually printed on the backside of the phone below battery. But you can also find it by typing **06#. Type this in your phone and on the screen you can see the imei number.
    • Once it is done then adds the country and the network provider of your phone. You have to add these details properly. It is not necessary to choose any other network which you are willing to use.
    • Once done with that add a working email address. The one which you check frequently. Because mail will be dropped to you on the email. Type the email address and then you to pay a small fee to get the code. There are various payment methods available. You can use PayPal or your credit card here.
    • Once everything goes well you will get a confirmation code in your mail
    • Now to unlock the device first insert the sim which you want to use. I am talking about the sim which you got in another region. Insert that in the phone.
    • The phone will ask you a unlock code to use the sim. Type the unlock code which you receive in the mail and done.
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    Re: Unlocking Galaxy Note 3 with Unlock Codes

    Note that unlocking the device will surely cost you around $25 to $50. If you want to save your dollars, simply avoid the SIM restrictions using the method provided in the guide provided in the second line of this article. You just have to insert the first SIM card from the same region from where you bought the phone and thats it, your phone is unlocked.

    But if you insert the first sim from any other region, then be ready to spend your dollars for unlock codes.
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