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Thread: How to install Apps on SD Card in Lumia Windows Phone 8

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    How to install Apps on SD Card in Lumia Windows Phone 8

    What is the process to install an app directly in the SD card of windows phone. I had not seen this feature till yet. I have a lumia device where all apps are installed in the internal memory. And this is getting occupied. I want to transfer them to the SD card. In Android we have a direct option to do that, but what about Windows phone. I tried to find everything inside the settings but found nothing. Is there any app available for the same which can do this.

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    Re: How to install Apps on SD Card in Lumia Windows Phone 8

    If your phone is getting out of storage then there is a nice app called as Shrink Storage. Just install this in your phone and run it. The app will try to compress the space inside giving you more space. This app is effective and works well with all models.

    Well I am also looking for a direct way of installing the applications in the SD card of windows phone. But at the time of setup there is nothing such thing mentioned.

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    Re: How to install Apps on SD Card in Lumia Windows Phone 8

    Unfortunately, as of now there is no way to install apps directly to your Windows Phone 8 SD Card unlike Android phones. In Android there are several phones that come with this feature built-in, while there are some which dont allow you to install in SD Card but still we can make them do so by Rooting them. If i'm not wrong, there is nothing like rooting stuff in Windows Mobiles. Also if you guys remember, installing Apps in SD Card was also available in Nokia's own Symbian phones. Hence this is not Nokia's limitation but Microsoft has restricted the same. Hopefully they will make it possible in coming future.

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    Re: How to install Apps on SD Card in Lumia Windows Phone 8

    That's absolutely correct Possessor, Microsoft has restricted that thing. You cannot install an app on the SD card and there is no third party app available for the same.

    I don't know why Microsoft has added that restriction. SD card can be used to extend the storage, while installing app on that is not possible. To gain a bit more space tries to move all your photos and videos in the card. This will relieve some space and you can then use the internal memory for default installation.

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