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Thread: DirectX 11.2 New Features for Xbox One and Windows 8.1

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    DirectX 11.2 New Features for Xbox One and Windows 8.1

    What are the new features of Direct X 11.2 which is released for Xbox one and Windows 8.1. This new version is out but it is not available for all platforms. The download here is limited. Most probably this new version will be provided for the upgraded version for Windows 8 which is 8.1.

    This new update is going to be provided on hashwell based notebook and laptops. While the same will be also available for Xbox one. I am trying to locate the new features that can provide more highlight on the improvement it will add in the system. I hope Microsoft soon release this for all system. Even for Windows 7.

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    Re: DirectX 11.2 New Features for Xbox One and Windows 8.1

    Microsoft officially did not say that this new update will be provided for Windows 7 also. As per the news sources it is only available for Windows 8.1. The new edition of Direct X is more enhanced. It offers you a better graphic output and advance calibration with multimedia. It comes integrated in Xbox one Console. So you can just imagine how amazing it would be. Also some new gpu will not support it. This is because of outdated hardware. Gaming on new Direct X 11.2 is much better and efficient. It is releasing exclusive for Windows 8.1 and Xbox one only.

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    Re: DirectX 11.2 New Features for Xbox One and Windows 8.1

    There are many new changes in it. It comes loaded with a new technology that makes the system to deliver better graphic output. This edition comes with the Direct3D feature integrated inside it. This allows you to get higher resolution and amazing real time effects on your screen.

    This also features OpenGL Mega Texture. The graphic output will be much better for high end games. Game mechanics will be better this time. And also the 3D support which is widely adopted by various gpu manufacturers. But still we need a relative hardware with that. If that is not available then everything will not work properly.

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    Re: DirectX 11.2 New Features for Xbox One and Windows 8.1

    Direct X 11.3 will increase the performance of gpu. It will allow the content to load faster in the memory offering amazing quality output on your screen. Your system must have a large video memory size to take maximum benefit from it. Windows 7 is not going to get this update. If you want this then you have to upgrade your system to Windows 8.1. Direct X 11.2 comes with HLSL Shader Linking, GPU Overlay Support, Direct3D, Frame Buffering, Direct 2D batching, etc type of advance features.

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    Re: DirectX 11.2 New Features for Xbox One and Windows 8.1

    Hey guys, here is the complete list of features provided in DirectX 11.2:

    • HLSL shader linking
    • Inbox HLSL compiler
    • GPU overlay support
    • DirectX tiled resources
    • Direct3D low-latency presentation API
    • DXGI Trim API and map default buffer
    • Frame buffer scaling
    • Multithreading with SurfaceImageSource
    • Interactive Microsoft DirectX composition of XAML visual elements
    • Direct2D batching with SurfaceImageSource

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