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Thread: How to get Windows 7 type Explorer in Windows 8

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    How to get Windows 7 type Explorer in Windows 8

    In this short tip I will show you how to get the same old Windows 7 type of explorer in Windows 8. The new edition of Windows is quiet changed and the new interface has made many confused. So here I am going to show you how you can get the same old Windows 7 Explorer back. In which you have a folder list menu on the left side and a search box on the top. It is easier to understand.

    I tried tons of tweak to bring Windows 7 interface back on Windows 8. But a few of them only work. Like the amazing Start Menu missing case. How Microsoft can remove it. This is the most used thing on Windows. They added that scrolling Metro UI which is slows, laggy and dumb. But still we have some tweaks through which we can get the old type of interface back. Letís move to install the old explorer on Windows 8.

    Installation method:

    • Download Windows 7 Explorer for Windows 8

    • Download the above file and keep it saves on your desktop. It is an old Explorer for Windows 8 which is lighter and easy to manage.

    • Run the setup. The software will also add Windows 7 Start Menu. So that you can search your frequently used program in it. Also the desktop here will be replaced by Explorer.exe.

    • You can configure and customize Windows 7 Start Menu as per your need. You can also install or remove programs as per your requirement.

    • The application works on any version of Windows 8.

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    Re: How to get Windows 7 type Explorer in Windows 8

    You can download and install Ex7ForW8. This is a tiny utility that replace the existing interface with same Windows 7. Now it is a non-official application so therein s no chances that it is going to work stable. There can be certain issue with your system. So you must do this on your own risk. When you run this it will give you a choice to choose the interface. You can go with Windows 8 interface if you want or you can switch to Windows 7. I found the app really handy on my new laptop. It is not having crashing issue. And also it remains low on the system memory. I am trying to work more on the editing part.

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