Soon we will see the Gold Edition of Apple iPad Mini. This amazing new tablet will also come with TouchID sensor support. It looks Apple is applying fingerprint technology on upcoming and new devices. There are leaked images on the web which show a gold edition of iPad Mini 2. The device is not yet confirmed officially by Apple. This can be a rumor also. But still it looks amazing. The same edition are planned for iPhone 5S also. Here two new editions are going to release that offers gray and gold housing. There can be a silver color edition also. But as I said there is no official confirmation yet provided from Apple's site.

So we have to better wait back and watch when we the final release date. Recently Samsung has provided a gold edition of Galaxy S4 in Gulf region after when iPhone 5S announcement. These companies are planning to release more luxurious product. It is sure that these devices will be not sold in all part of world. There will be specific region only that will get the device.

iPhone Mini 2 Gold will come packed with Touch ID sensor. The new fingerprint technology recently introduced in new model of iPhone. Touch ID allows you to unlock the device via fingerprint. It is amazing and allows more powerful security. TouchID is not easy to crack. Talking about the hardware configuration the tablet will have a 64bit A7 processor. This is a new chip unveiled by Apple recently. It will also have M7 motion co-processor that will enhance multi-tasking with 1GB ram on it.