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Thread: Best Apps and Games for Samsung Galaxy Note 3

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    Best Apps and Games for Samsung Galaxy Note 3

    Galaxy Note 3 is a good phablet that offer you great features and good performance. This is a bit size Smartphone which provide you a composite feature of a tablet and Smartphone. It is right to say that this device is a leading brand in the league of phablet in the market. The device was released recently with more enhancements. Samsung has made it more powerful. We are going to target some good apps and games for this device in our article. Before that we will checkout a short info on this tablet. Galaxy Note 3 is the successor of Note 2 a tablet released last year. Note 3 are powered by 1.9 GHz Quad core CPU with 1.3 GHz Quad co-processor. It has 3GB RAM. For graphics it offers Adreno 330 gpu. The front screen size is 5.7inch which is a Super AMOLED display powered with great HD quality output. The device runs on latest Android 4.3 Jellybean OS. For camera the device comes powered by 13MP camera on the back with a 2MP on the front side. It is amazing device with great features.

    We will discuss some of the best apps which you can run on the phablet. Note 3 are not low from any part. You can download and install popular HD games on the same. Also the app performance is amazing here. It is better in terms of output with great supportive hardware.

    Astro File Manager with Clouds:

    This is one of the most widely used file Manager. It helps you to view and organize the files the way you want. You can sort out your files under image, music, document, etc. It does not matter where you had stored them but you can get the entire sorted list inside the app. The new edition comes with integrated cloud support. That means you can share your files on Facebook or just upload them on popular online storage site like Dropbox, Google drive, Skydrive, etc.

    doubleTwist Music Player:

    Leaving the default music player aside if you need a better one then just checkout DoubleTwist. The music player offers you multi-app support. You can in this sync and listen to music, radio and podcast. The app works really fine and has no output problem. It has as great interface. One of the major benefits of having this app is that you can have your own personalize streaming service. You can enjoy a huge music library on it with unique catalogue. The current list of songs is around 13 million. Along with this you can sync your music with other device through an usb or through wifi. It also supports Air Sync. You can instantly share your songs with other. The app allows you to get high quality legal content and offers smart playlist feature also.


    Evernote is one of the simplest notes taking app. It allows you cloud sync. That means you can sync your note content on web through an account and you can download it on your portable device. The new edition is more advance. In the note itself you can embed photos, you can create a to-do list and you can also set reminder with voice support. It is very easy to use.

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    Re: Best Apps and Games for Samsung Galaxy Note 3

    ES File Manager:

    ES File manager is not a simple app. It is more than a file manager with many advance features in it. The app allows you to search your files, move files and even access shared folders on the LAN network. If your mobile or tablet is connected on a network which has shared folder you can see them through it. You can also access ftp in it. It has a very smooth interface and comes with integrated video player also.


    If you love to read out daily news and collect fresh updates from different site then Feedly can manage everything for you. This app allows you to pull rss from your favorite sites. You can also get tumblr blogs and sync YouTube channels with it. It has an amazing interface and is very easy to use. With simple settings you can configure the rss url in this app and enjoy great output. It is optimized to work mobile phone. The new version provide faster browser. You can sync the app with Google Reader also.

    GO Backup & Restore:

    Very useful Backup and Restore application that allow you to backup many things of your device. You can backup apps, files, game data, app data, contacts, sms, etc. this app works fine and has a simple interface. The app helps you to re-install everything back when you reset your phone. You can keep a regular backup through this.

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    Re: Best Apps and Games for Samsung Galaxy Note 3

    Helium - App Sync and Backup:

    This app comes in two versions. The first is Helium App Sync and Backup and the second one is a cloud version. Through which you can upload your backup on an online storage and enjoy the same. The app has a simple PC restore solution. You can enjoy basic benefit on the same. It is a bit lighter compare to Gobackup.

    Kid Mode by Zoodles:

    Amazing app that provide a number of educational and fun games for kids under 8. The app is a kind of one stop solution for everything. You can load up number of things on it. The app comes with lock feature also. The app offers a huge number of fun games and videos. It is ideal for kids. Most of them are payable. Whatever apps downloaded lies at a single place which is easy to access. The child lock feature avoids accidentally payment. It has an art studio through which you can paint, color or draw stuff. It has powerful parental control features also,

    Press (RSS Reader):

    Press is a straightforward rss reader. It has a simple design and has clean interface. If you need a very simple app which can give you listing of your all latest rss on the screen the going for press is good. It is very smooth and works on Feedly.

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    Re: Best Apps and Games for Samsung Galaxy Note 3


    If you think Evernote is good enough then try to test out SimpleNote. This app is amazing and simple with minimum features and fast performance. You can instantly write on your screen and save it in the note form in the app. It has a good search feature through which you can locate similar notes from long list.

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    Re: Best Apps and Games for Samsung Galaxy Note 3

    Hi everyone,

    All those apps are really interesting, even more in a high-end device as the Note 3


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    Re: Best Apps and Games for Samsung Galaxy Note 3

    i have bought a no 1 n3 from 1949deal, it a clone of Samsung Galaxy Note 3 , could you tell me ,can i use the app ???

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    Re: Best Apps and Games for Samsung Galaxy Note 3

    Quote Originally Posted by jason168 View Post
    i have bought a no 1 n3 from 1949deal, it a clone of Samsung Galaxy Note 3 , could you tell me ,can i use the app ???
    If it is Android as well and having good processing power, then YES, these apps should work on the same also.

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    Re: Best Apps and Games for Samsung Galaxy Note 3

    Cools apps. I am having LG mobile, can i download those apps?

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