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Thread: Top Features of Internet Explorer 11

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    Top Features of Internet Explorer 11

    The new edition of popular web browser Internet Explorer is now available on the new Windows 8.1 update. You can download a Preview edition from Microsoft for testing purpose. It has Internet Explorer 11 Preview which is free. Microsoft has done some major changes in the browser keeping touch interface in mind. They had made it more fluid this time. It is also loaded with many new and advance features which will offer you smooth browsing experience. Most of the touch devices today are coming with Windows 8. This consists of tablet and laptops. Microsoft has worked more on the touch part. It is easier to use the browser with impressive ui and fast load time. The browser works well on different screen size without giving any problem. It is smooth and fast and more responsive.

    This new browser supports all portable and touch devices in the market. With better touch optimization and reliable developer tools you can go ahead with visiting and testing numerous website. Just by hitting F12 you can load the developer tools. The main aim is to keep the browser fast in loading website. That is the reason many changes are done on the performance part. It is a time saving feature. Also responsiveness matters a lot on the touch based devices. If a browser responds slowly then you will not be able to work properly on it. Also the video, text, etc will be poor that affects productivity. Letís move ahead and checkout the new features and how better the new version of Internet Explorer is.

    Comfortable Browsing:

    For web surfing Internet Explorer will give you better experience this time. It works fine on various screen size. The browser is re-developing to adjust the page elements properly on different screen. This is a common bug with many browsers. For number of website they are unable to adjust the page size and give you slow output with less readability. But in Internet Explorer 11 this things is fixed and it is better. You can work with touch interface or with other input devices to get the maximum output in web surfing.

    On Windows 8.1 you can browser different websites instantly at the same time. The browser does not slow down at all. Added feature make Internet Explorer to read telephone numbers. You can tap on the numbers instantly to make a call. Another added feature is syncing the open tab across different devices. This is lately adopted by Microsoft but it is a very effective options. You can sync similar tabs in different devices. Skydrive is no integrated with the browser that offers you more better sharing and backup options. You can get share or access your open tab, page history, login details and favorite to different devices. This allows you to stay more updated.

    Touch Support:

    Most of the browser is focused on performance. They try to give you a fast pace working environment where you can surf on different pages and read more properly. Keeping that in mind, Microsoft first worked on touch optimization. This is one of the major improvements in the browser. You can have a more optimized touch which is better and fast responsive. The optimized touch has great benefits. Due to this the browser consumes less system resource and also remains low on battery usage.

    With simple tap of your finger the browser is able to identify what you are looking for. The gpu is instantly accelerated to perform various jobs like zoom, swipe, etc. Once you are done with viewing images, the gpu simply offload the image. This puts less impact on the battery output. In other browser this things is not available. Due to which when you are using it, a regular battery is consumed. Microsoft has added a new prioritization feature in the browser making it better by per-fetching content. This is done when you are surfing and the content is already loaded in the backside.

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    Re: Top Features of Internet Explorer 11

    Smarter Address Bar:

    It keeps a record of your site loaded up and when you tap on it you get a short auto-fill to choose the site from list. You can load them quickly without typing the entire address. This can be synced among different devices. Typing is accelerated by adding smart features like site suggestion, links, site sections, etc. supported by Bing. So if you are looking for any information it will be displayed instantly on the page instead of taking to your other site. Like currency rate, weather, movies, and many more. The browser is enhanced from performance point of view.

    You can open up multiple tabs at a single point. The response is still better on it. It works well and has no slowdown issue. Each tab is capable of using the memory efficiently. Those who are un-used remains in sleep mode reducing the impact on battery and ram.


    Internet Explorer 11 also comes with complete support for adding your favourite sites. This is an age old feature is revamped and is better now. You can organize your favorite folders and add custom tile pictures to identify sites instantly. You can sync the entire stuff with desktop edition. So this is another amazing feature where you have a personalization stuff to make your browser better. Simple navigation options like swipe, gesture, and pre-rendring are better this time. The browser is completely optimized for touch based devices due to which you can work more efficiently on it. With swipe you can forward or backward a page. You have to learn the gesture command first.

    Another impressive feature is keeping your most visited sites on the top site, support for next generation website and applications. Being a modern web browser it is easier to use and offer you the latest standards. Being a modern browser it is amazing and fast responsive. It offers you Hardware-accelerated 3D Web graphics through which you can run in on various devices and allows better web viewing. The browser itself comes with a secure way of avoiding that webgl content which is security threat.

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