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Thread: Top 10 useful Android applications that requires Root access

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    Top 10 useful Android applications that requires Root access

    Android has now took over over 74% of smartphone markets around the globe, and what makes it achieve this milestone is because of its support to millions of Apps and Games. Some apps on Android needs root Access to work. In this article I am going to target them. It happens that sometime you download some app from Google Play and it fails to work. The most common is backup applications. And you get an error on the screen which you don't understand.

    So here we are going to target a few set of apps that needs root access to run. Root means super access. This is locked by the manufacturer. Once you gain root access you can install custom rom, modify the internal properties, backup rom, etc. You can do more things in it. Root access is required to run Custom Rom on your device. This rom is loaded with tons of extra features. Also much screenshot application requires root access. Because this applications are prohibited to write anything on the internal storage or on the microsd card. Due to which they fail to work. So just lets checkout some more application which needs root access to run.

    1. SuperSU:

    This is an advance tool for advance users. It allows a nice way to manage Super user. This is one of the most widely used tools on custom roms. It allows you to manage Super User rights. It has a pack of Super user Access Management tools. Now if you had rooted your device and granted much application a full access certain security exploits can cause issue. You can control that through this application. This app offers you a complete log to find out which app or which activity has gain root access. You can also receive notification associated with the same. You can block the access by unroot the device through internal feature called as Temporary unroot. It works well for recovery purpose. Required when your phone is bricked.

    2. Titanium Backup:

    This is one of the most popular tools used on Rooted Android phones. I love this app. It allows a complete backup solution to copy data, contacts, sms and even the entire rom. Ideal for those who are not sure what will happen after installing custom rom. They can backup the entire rom on a memory card and use the same tool to restore them later on. It comes in pro edition also. It is one of the most powerful backup apps available that works with anything in your phone. You can backup apps and game data also. You can configure schedule backup. It has batch restore feature with support for multi-user app data backup. The pro edition provides you sync solution with Dropbox and Google Drive. You can keep your data on cloud storage and download it anytime.

    3. SetCPU for Root Users:

    Want to boost the output of your mobile phone, you can use SetCPU. This app allows you to boost the CPU performance giving out a bit more power over existing performance. This app comes with a huge amount of options. You can create your own powerful profile and configure the phone to work your own way. It allows you to improve the phone performance; you can also save the battery life and do more stuff. It comes loaded with certain automated stuff which is easy to use. The tool offer you full details on active process. This is a recommended application for high end device. I will not advice to use the same on low end phone. The app has a voltage control through which you can reduce the CPU power so that it consumes less battery.

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    Re: Top 10 useful Android applications that requires Root access

    4. SSH Tunnel:

    Another app for advance users. To use this you need a bit experience in working out with the secure socket layer. Now this app is great for having a secure connection on your phone. With simple click you can manage the internet connection security. You can set the device on proxy through this. You can work with both private and public key on the same. Here you need an OpenSSH format. Now you might be wondering what is the use of this app. If you are on an internet connection which has a powerful firewall then this app can help you to get access to blocked content.

    5. Root Explorer (File Manager):

    This app is an advance file manager for the root users. It gives you detail about the entire file system which remains hidden. It is not visible in any other file manager application. The app comes with SQLite that allows you to view database also. Along with this it has an internal text editor also and you can create zip files on it. It also supports tar. It is amazing and advance file manager that allow you to work on core level. You can remount storage, you can modify the permission and also work with bookmarks on it. You can send system files via email and Bluetooth. A must to have app for every advance user.

    6. Tasker:

    Want to run automated task on your phone try Tasker. A very simple and easy to use application. It does not really need rooting, but some Features are locked if you use it on un-rooted device. Through rooting you are o offering a full access to the device which adds more features. The app has more than 200 plug-in which you can use on your phone. You can also configure loop, variable and conditions on the task. The app allows you to design your own screen overlays. It works fine and has advance and basic usage both. The app is capable of triggering app, time, location, event, shortcut, widget, etc.

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    Re: Top 10 useful Android applications that requires Root access

    7. Busybox:

    A must to have app for every android phone. Basic users will not understand the importance of BuzyBox. This app is just amazing. This app allows you to have some handy Linux commands on your device. You can do a number of things on it. So if you are a real geek then this app is required in your device. There is a pro version also available. This pro edition helps you to have advance backup features, smart install, applet support, and uninstall feature. This app is really amazing and provides you many great things.

    8 .Android Tuner:

    Similar to a system tuner this app allows you to improve the Android system. Now a number of times if you are working on a custom firmware or if you are working on the stock rom there are bloat ware in the system. This bloat ware makes the device work slow. Through Android tuner to find out the background services and kill app. You can also backup and restore apk files which are android installer package. The new version of app comes loaded with CPU tweak. You can tweak the voltage settings and reduce battery consumption. This app is really amazing in terms of tweaking the device and make it it work better.

    9. Samba Filesharing:

    I use this regularly. This app allows you to convert your phone to an ftp server. And you can access the shared storage Windows and Linux network. This app is amazing for file transfer. The app has very simple settings and can allow your internal storage to reflect as shared space on the LAN network. You can directly copy paste file on it. All you need is to hook the app on a wifi network. And then run Samba. Through the app you can also access Windows shared folders.

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    Re: Top 10 useful Android applications that requires Root access

    10. Pimp my Rom:

    After rooting what is the first thing you will do. I will make my phone faster by tweaking the rom. Pimp my Rom is a full fledge application which allow you to customize the rom and do many things on it. It has tons of tweaks which help the device to work better. It has lots of Android tweaks and features. Instantly after rooting the first thing you must do is install this app in the device. Through the app you can go inside the rom and found out which things are not needed. You can boost the battery file, enhance CPU multi-tasking, improve image quality; enhance camera video recording capability, etc.

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