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Thread: Microsoft Surface 2 launched with Tegra 4 CPU for $449

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    Microsoft Surface 2 launched with Tegra 4 CPU for $449

    Microsoft has finally launched the new version of its Surface tablet. Marked as Surface 2 this tablet will be enhanced edition of older series which was Surface and Surface Pro. The two new models are Surface 2 and Surface Pro 2. Microsoft has also worked on the keyboard cover of this tablet making it ultra sleek great in looks. Surface 2 and Surface 2 features good hardware configuration loaded with Windows RT OS on the same.

    The specs are much higher this time and also the price is increased. It looks Microsoft is trying to compete with recent high end models. That consists of upcoming Nexus, Galaxy Note Tab, Tegra Note, Xperia Z, etc. In the territory of Windows tablet Microsoft is an alone competitor. Other brands did not put much hand in this area, and if you go and checkout Android you will see a huge variety of products powered with different hardware config and a price variation. By increasing the specification Surface tablets are more powerful. Surface 2 is powered by a Tegra 4 Quad Core CPU. The front screen features a full HD display offering a maximum resolution of 1080p. The new design is sleeker this time. Compared to the older one the new model is also less heavy.

    Surface 2 got upgrades in terms of entire internal hardware config. Microsoft changed everything here. Tegra 4 CPU is amazing that removes the performance issue caused in the older edition. It is faster. The OS inside is upgraded to Windows RT 8.1 which has more features. Also it is optimized to deliver good performance and remain low on battery. Whatever issues which are faced in the older version are fixed and new things are added in the new model. The metro app is better and faster.

    Surface two also comes with usb 3.0 ports for much faster data transfer. Video port is added as extra. You can hook the tablet instantly to a widescreen display and use it well. The front camera is increased to 3.5MP. For those who are going to purchase this soon will get 200GB of Skydrive storage with 1 year subscription on skype wifi for unlimited international calling on landline numbers. This service works across 60 different countries. The package looks impressive here. The cost is around $449 for the 32GB version. And the new Touch and Type cover with the tablet are sold separately. The device will be available from 22nd October.

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    Re: Microsoft Surface 2 launched with Tegra 4 CPU for $449

    Surface 2 Specification:

    • Screen: 10.6" HD Screen with Clear Type Display
    • Camera: 5MP Rear and 3MP front camera with sensor.
    • CPU : Tegra 4 Quad Core Processor
    • Connectivity : USB 3.0, BT 4.0, Video out, MicroSD Card Slot
    • Battery : 10 Hour battery life

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