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Thread: Google Releasing Chrome Desktop Apps for Windows

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    Google Releasing Chrome Desktop Apps for Windows

    Google will be soon providing a new version of Chrome Desktop applications. This new app is designed to give smooth performance, high security and great features. It is loaded with tons of new features that make it more amazing this time. Through the application you can do a number of things. You can access many chrome applications on your desktop itself. You can play games also. Also you can surf internet and performance many other task via different app available at Chrome Store.

    The app is available for download on Chrome Web Store. It is right now provided for Windows and Chromebook. While for other platform it is still pending to come. The new chrome app has many new things which made it more enhanced and a kind of one stop solution. This also removes tons of bugs and issue which were common before. This new breed of Chrome app gives you unique features like working offline.

    We all know that to use Chrome Store we need internet connection. But now new breed of apps support offline mode. You can play games and use the app without internet connection also. All you have to do is download it once. The apps have a changed UI. They give you a full screen support. Also a number of apps are now connected with Cloud store. You can access your files and documents through Google drive and also via various other web services. Integrated notification center allows you more information on current updates. You can collect reminders also. Interaction with different devices like usb mouse/keyboard, Bluetooth, gaming controller, digital camera is more improved. The apps are powered by an automatic update engine. So that it gets proper fixes and features on their own.

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    Re: Google Releasing Chrome Desktop Apps for Windows

    The new breed of apps are properly sorted and picked up by Chrome depending on the kind of system you are using. If you have a desktop then you can checkout apps which will work best on your system. Google has taken special care about security fixes. The app benefit from Chrome Sandbox which ensure that the app is completely secure. You can now download Chrome App launcher also. This launcher allows you to launch the app directly from desktop. Now need to launch Chrome browser for that.

    After downloading the Chrome Launcher you can search through various helpful app and start using them. Apps like Pixlr which is an online image editing tool now come in Chrome App. It allows you full support for customizing your application and then syncing photos directly with Google Drive. You can add a variety of effects on it. Chrome Apps is loaded with tons of productivity tools. There are good set of games, 3D games and support for Xbox Controllers.

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