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Thread: Is Nokia releasing Lumia 1050 Bandit on October 22

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    Is Nokia releasing Lumia 1050 Bandit on October 22

    What is Bandit. I was searching on Lumia devices and in Google images I found a big size phone. The phone is a phablet actually. When I located the image details I found it was marked as Lumia 1050. Also called as Lumia Bandit. The official site has no information on this device. There is not specification nor there any info available on the device price and launch date.

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    Re: Is Nokia releasing Lumia 1050 Bandit on October 22

    This device is yet to be announced. As per certain news sources the device will be first announced in the coming October. The date is considered as 22nd. There will be an event in which the device will be announced with its entire feature.

    In the image you can see that this device simply looks better for photography. That means it is ideally designed for those who are a bit crazy about photography features. It will run the same Windows Phone 8 OS.

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    Re: Is Nokia releasing Lumia 1050 Bandit on October 22

    Bandit is the codename for Nokia 1520 . This is a new phone which will come with a big screen size. It is a phablet. It offers a 6inch screen size that provides a 1080p full resolution. It is a full HD display. The specs are still hidden. But we can expect something best from this.

    This device will be loaded with a 41 megapixel camera sensor. Which is just amazing? This device is really for photography. This would be the second model in the market by Nokia which is having this amazing 41MP screen with HD resolution.

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    Re: Is Nokia releasing Lumia 1050 Bandit on October 22

    It is not confirmed that Bandit will have a 41MP camera. Some says that this device will have a 20MP Pure View camera. Which makes it more amazing in terms of capturing photos? The video quality surely is great on a high end device. Whatever information I had collected it looks the device looks amazing for capturing high end photos. The camera might be supported by additional features like optical image stabilization, zeiss optics, etc. People are just assuming a number of features in the device. Even cost is not confirmed.

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