The new edition of Windows 8 is announced already. This will be an 8.1 update offering more features in the existing OS with certain changes. The update will cost around $119.99 for those who are not using Windows 8. Means who are still on Windows Vista and Windows 7. If you want to upgrade your OS from Windows 7 or Vista to Windows 8.1 then you have to pay the fee. Or else if you have Windows 8 in your system then the update is free. Microsoft is charging the same amount for Windows 8.1 Pro edition also. The cost is not confirmed. It might change from place to place depending on the currency ratio. Now this update is bit essential for those who are willing to switch to Windows 8.1.

Instead of buying the same OS you can go ahead with the newest edition. The update is available for direct download from the official website of Microsoft. You can download and install the same in your system or you can also go ahead with a DVD if you want. The update will start rolling out from October 18. If you want to test out what new things are provided in this update then you can go ahead with the pre-release version. It is a free download for testing purpose. The setup is relatively simple. Just download the ISO file and run setup.exe. You can also install Windows 8 with your existing OS in separate partition if you want.

The free edition is a Windows 8.1 Preview. It has number of new things which makes it more comfortable for usage. It comes with a more enhanced search tool that allows you to search everything. You can find photos, music, videos, at a single click. The store is a bit upgraded with many new apps in it. You can install several new things now. The lock screen comes with a slideshow features. That means you can now add a set of images on it and it will keep on changing. It also supports animated backgrounds. You can add live wallpapers on it. Cloud storage is also added in the update which will extend your storage space. Skydrive comes packed with a default location with all file available offline also. So this is the new things in it. Windows 8.1 update will add better benefits and also enhance the output of your system.