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Thread: iPhone 5S Review and New Features

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    iPhone 5S Review and New Features

    Apple came up with two new devices this time. It looks for the first time Apple has released two consecutive products under a Smartphone series. Those are iPhone 5C and the iPhone 5S. We are going to discuss more about the new one here which is iPhone 5S. This device is bit unique this time. The first thing to count is a whooping 64bit upgrade to each device. Apple just jumped to this new mobile architecture which has extended the limit of hardware support. I am sure in future these devices are going to get benefit for 64bit processing power. one more thing that lies in the limelight from sometime was the new A7 and M7 chip. This is an entirely a new processor which are used in the new models. This new chips are revamped and made more powerful. They are capable of offering you smooth performance on lower battery usage. There are major changes done in the internal and outer part of the device. Each time when Apple releases a device many had a close eye on the same. This is the unique things which attract many.

    The A7 chip used is a 64bit mobile cpu. It is right to say that this the first mobile cpu that offers a 64bit processing power. Just because of this the output of the phone is double compare to its predecessors. Another chip which is M7 is a co-processor. That means it will be used along with A7. This Co-Processor is programmed to work with different sensors sued in the device. Like Accelerometer, Compass and Gyroscope. Providing a dedicated chip for the mobile sensors adds more advantage to the applications to take benefit from the sensor. Like getting more benefit from motion sensing, gesture control, etc.

    The new models are powered by a good battery output also. Apple has taken this under serious consideration. As per the specs that are revealed the new device is capable of giving a nice standby time up to 250 hours. Along with this the device also offers a 10hours of browsing support on LTE network. So this is simply amazing. In terms of battery output the device has a powerful option for dealing with various performances related jobs. being a Smartphone good battery output is one of the most prime features which are needed. no one likes a device that comes loaded with a high features but poor battery output. So keeping that in mind Apple has simply done an amazing job in iPhone 5S. The new upgrades makes it super rich in terms of overall features, performance and battery output.

    Talking about the camera we have more things on the software parts. that means the camera is not really great, but the associated apps with it enhances it. For adding a bit photography benefits apple has added a new 5 element lens on the phone. This are unique Apple designed lenses which comes with F2.2 Aperture settings. due to which compare to its older version and other model in the market this lens offer you 15% higher area coverage. You can capture a bigger place now. The pixel support on the camera is 1.5 microns that help you to get extremely detailed images with cool color effects. Compare to this HTC one is the only device in the market that offers you a 2.0 Micron lens which is cool enough for giving out detailed photos. The amazing design makes the phone camera amazing event after being a standard model. Somehow after a few test it is found that the camera is simply amazing and the performance here is also not bad at all. It is loaded with fast AF that makes the picture amazing. None of the devices in the market offer you 15 zones metering with super fast AF. Also for getting the appropriate light value the existing LED is upgraded to Dual LED. This product cool light enough powerful to give you nice benefits. Also the camera is smart enough to manage the white balance impact created by LED flash on the photos.

    For every camera one smart feature is always important. It is called as Image Stabilization. especially in Smartphone we capture when we move. due to very low shutter speed the camera capture blurry photos when you are in motion. to overcome that apple has added Image Stabilization that works automatically on the photos. There is no need to mess with manual setup here. Now you can capture pictures in a burst mode where at a time 10 pictures are taken and you can choose the best among it. This feature is implemented in many Smartphone’s recently. Well this is interesting to find is Apple also. another thing which we had seen already in Samsung Galaxy Note device is, Slow Motion Video capturing. It is being late adapted by Apple. You can capture a full 720p video at an fps of 120. Giving you awesome slow motion videos.
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    Re: iPhone 5S Review and New Features

    iPhone 5S is unique in its own kind. A great leap has taken by Apple in adding biometrics in a Smartphone. That adds tons of security. A phone which is locked by your fingerprint cannot be opened at any cost. It looks Apple did a bit hurry in implementing this technology. iPhone 5S has a finger print sensor at the home button. This works on the Touch ID. You have your own unique ID on the device and you can only unlock your device. Located at the home button this new thing offers a 500ppi sense with 170 microns thin. It can read your skin layers and give you powerful security options. It is considered that until now Touch ID is one of the most accurate technologies.

    In terms of cost Apple has kept its profile low this time. The 16GB variation of iPhone 5S is sold for $199 in international market. That makes it a bit reasonable. While if you go for a 32GB version then you have to pay $299. An instant $100 hike for double space. In the same way there is a 64GB version also available that comes for $399. And this are sold on a two year contract. Devices are sold by AT&T, Sprint and Verizon. in India none of this has reach. Sale will start from September 20 and yet there is no news available on the international unlocked version of this device.
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