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Thread: Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Review

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    Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Review

    Samsung galaxy Note 3 is one of the most amazing smart phone released these year. Samsung has done some major improvement– in making this mobile phone the best among all. Come back to its predecessor, this new edition is simply amazing loaded with tons of new features and high-end hardware config. In this article we're going to discuss in more detail about these amazing new model, which is providing great gaming output with a mixed feature of multimedia. Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is one of the most amazing devices which are released in the year 2013. Samsung has always come up with some unique features beating other brands in the market. This time just working more on the UI, Samsung has internally changed a number of things making Galaxy Note 3 more powerful and better this time. This is a very essential part.

    Galaxy Note 3 is not just a Smartphone but much more than that. At the front side you have a really large screen. This is a Super AMOLED screen which is one of the best in the market. The screen quality is awesome in terms of HD videos. and gaming purpose. You can also read text on that comfortably without having much strain on your eyes. Also this time the device is far thinner. The thickness of this device is just around 8.3mm. I do not think we are having any big size phone in the market that has that much thickness.

    The 5.7inch screen on the front is capable of maintaining its performance in terms of video and gaming output. For photographers the device is loaded with a 13MP camera at the backside which is simply amazing in terms of output. IT is clear enough and gives you great quality hd videos. Samsung has made this mobile best among all aspect. Whether you are gaming fan, or you just love to capture great photos then this device I do not fall in short in any of those features. Even after being a huge size phone its weight is very low. The entire weight of the device is around 168g which falls low on pocket. You will never feel that you are carrying a quiet heavy device. Galaxy 3 has different looks and unique features which will attract users from all class. Innovative things added in the device are Air Command. A new S PEN with ore features and Air Command launcher to give you action based control over the device. The device also comes with Action Memos in which you can note down important things for future references. It is possible now to embed multimedia files in them. You can use S Finder and Scrapbook also.

    It is powered by 2.3Ghz Quad Core processor, 3GB RAM and a good gpu. There is also another variant of Note 3 that comes with 1.9GHz Exynos Octa-Core processor, unfortunately India only got this variant of Note 3, no Snapdragon. The overall hardware configuration of this device is much higher compare to all latest high end smart phones in the market. Right now there is no model in the market which is offering you a 3GB ram. This adds more to the multi tasking performance. Galaxy Note 2 when released before was, a big bulky size phone which allows you a big screen. Being a high end phablet it offer you all PC like features and an ultra smooth performance. This year the same edition is revamped in the form of Galaxy Note 3. Quad Core cpu and a good gpu in the device make any app to work smoother and faster giving you instant response. sing this device on a 3G and wifi network is just amazing.

    I do not really think Galaxy Note 3 has any limitation in terms of usage. The latest Android operating system makes it better. Samsung is always good in delivering its unique UI called as Touch Wiz. This UI is widely used in many Samsung devices. The OS is optimized to work with Galaxy Note 3 with number of unique additions. Physical look is great here. Build quality looks more powerful this time. I am bit sure that if you hold this device there is no need to carry a laptop or a tablet with you.

    I had used Galaxy Note 2 for quite a long time and still this device is my favorite. But later when I got chance to test Galaxy Note 3 things are more changed. I think the old one looks a bit lower in front of the new one. As I said in terms of design the device is more compact and beautiful. The regular memos in the device are turned to Action Memos. A regular text based note taking application is more different now. The best example I can give you is about a mobile number. Now assume that you note down someone phone number in the Memos. You can call them directly from it. The same thing works for an address. You can find it directly in Google Maps. There are many features of Action Memos yet to discover. Samsung has enhanced the handwriting capability of this device also. S Finder is more accurate now In understanding what you are writing with a stylus. IT can give you a possible text alternative instantly without messing with the onscreen keyboard. Just write anything accurately with the stylus pen.
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    Re: Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Review

    Taking a bit advantage from popular applications like Flip board you are having a similar app called as My Magazine. This app allows you to snack part of blog or magazine and use the same for future reference. This is a bit easy but due to known application already available in the market I do not really find this impressive. I was expecting a much smarter feature in the same. Samsung apps in the device are also improved to great extent. They are quiet simple and more advance this time. Enhancing the multitasking stuff you can now run a single app two times. It is quiet not possible in any other devices. You can launch the app two times and use them separately and it works really fine. At a short glance when you see the device you will find it a bit similar to the older one. But there are great changes inside. On the body part you can find a bit of cosmetic changes done by Samsung to make the device look more unique and better compare to other.

    Overall Galaxy Note 3 is an amazing device which is loaded with good hardware and amazing interfaces. The optimized version of latest Android Jellybean operating system makes it the most happening device in the market. Samsung not only emphasize on delivering a build quality but also giving out unique applications which are not available on others. It is overall a device ideal for multimedia, gaming and productivity.

    You can also take a quick look at all new features of Galaxy Note 3 in this video:

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    Re: Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Review

    As Note 3 is all set to hit the markets tomorrow, i just posted some important Tips and Video Tutorials for Note 3. You guys would like to watch them.

    Also if you are willing to buy the Galaxy Gear Smartwatch, watch these video tutorials to understand what features it offers and how it works with Note 3.

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