New iPhone 5S is out now with powerful A7 processor and Fingerprint sensor. It is released with iPhone 5C which features color models. iPHone 5S is termed as a high end device that gives you straight forward features and cool look. It wil have a unique biometric finger print sensor through which you can secure your device. This looks to be some kind of interesting setup in the device. In terms of look it is more better than 5C and has a durable look. Apple is going to release this product in three colors. Which are Gold, Slate and Silver. The cost will be also high compare to the second one. This device is powered by Apples new A7 and M7 chips. Which are more powerful and great for multi-tasking.

Alongwith this another major part where Apple has work hard is the camera. It has a new camera with unique features giving out great video and photo output. In terms of technology and innovation there is no one who can beat apple. iPhone 5S is the first device which works on a 64bit mobile processor. That means the this deivce is capale of giving you two times the performance of its predecessors.

The updated camera offer you a new lens with F2.2 Aperture. This new features provide you more better images and more larger area coverage. It is also high in pixel output due to which this phone lands on the top list of best camera device compare to any other high end device in the market. Apple has also taken care about the battery output of the device. The new device will be capable of giving you 250hrs of standby time and 10 hours of LTE.

For lights, the device is loaded with dual LED. That means more brighter light and balance photo quality. Image stabilization is adopted by a number of devices in the market. Apple came late with it. Now you can capture moving photos easily with less blurry look. Another addon features are slow motion capture which we already had in Samsung Galaxy. Apple would be the first to introduce Biometric in devices that work on your finger print. It is really complicated to hook up such feature on a portable device. Supported by Touch ID your device is more secure this time. The cost of 16GB version of iPhone 5S is around $199 and 32GB will cost $299. While the 64GB version will cost $399.