Nokia has released another budget phone in marked packed with powerful feature and great looks. Nokia is quiet popular in the market for its value for money products. Nokia Asha 208 is one among them. This is a nice tiny phone with dual sim options. And the cost is just around Rs.5,299. Extending the Asha product line Asha 208 is more compact. Snapdeal is selling this device at above mentioned price. The screen size is just around 2.4inch which is enough for playing music, reading sms, and watching small videos. The maximum resolution it offers you is 240x320 pixels. The screen does not has any major impact on multimedia files. Being a entry level phone you cannot expect much from the display quality. The body has a T-9 Keypad. The most common form of keyboard in bar shape phone. This one of the best budget phones in the market that offer you 3.5G and 3G network compatibility. It is powered by Nokia S40 OS which is commonly used in some high end devices also. S40 OS also gives you access to some of the most popular mobile apps like WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

The body thickness of this device is around 12.8mm and weight lies around 90.6gram. That makes it extremely portable. Due to low profile design the camera remains low at 1.3MP only. Nokia has added some additional feature in the camera to make it much more useful. Like you can capture portrait photos from voice commands. You can also take constant image through sequential shop and take nearby panorama images also. The camera output is not great but works fine in light. Following the trend of high end smartphone the Camera offers you a instant sharing feature. Called as Slam. You can instantly share the photos, audio and video with nearby friends having similar model. Another great feature is simple dual sim swap. Through which you there is no need to turn off the phone when you have to switch the phone SIM. So this is a bit smart feature that save some time. It works on MicroSIM card. So you will have to cut your existing SIM into Micro. The device comes loaded with a smart feature by which you can instantly share your 3G internet on your PC. Other things in the phone are Bluetooth 3.0 and 1020mAh Battery. It comes in 4 colors which are Red, Cyan, Yellow and Black.