Alcatel, another leading mobile brand launched 4 new smarthpone models powered by Android 4.2. The models are Pop C1, Pop C3, Pop C5 and Pop C7. All the 4 models will have a new Android OS. They differ in specification and price. Alcatel emphasize more on the style and size here. While in terms of OS and hardware they are mid range devices. Pop C1 here provides a 3.5inch screen. The maximum resolution you will get on this is 320x480 pixel. It will run on 1Ghz Dual Core GPU which looks to be enough for multi-tasking. This series comes in range of two colors. They are neon green and pink. Pop C1 has great looks and portable size. The second Pop C3 is bit larger. It has a 4inch Screen Size that provide you a maximum resolution of 800x480. It will have a 3.2MP camera and it runs on 1.3Ghz Dual Core Processor. Alcatel adds different color in this series with protective cover at the backside. Compare to Pop C1, C3 is more compact and powerful.

Pop C5 is bigger model. It has a nice 4.5inch display which is great for multi-tasking and performance. The cpu used in Pop C5 is similar to Pop C3. It works on 1.3Ghz Dual Core processor. But it gives you a more powerful camera which is 5MP. And there is a front camera also. This device belongs to a it higher series. The big screen size is good for multimedia and reading. Pop C7 is the last one in the series with largest screen size. It has 5-inch screen and it works on 1.3Ghz Quad Core processor. This is the highest powered model among all. It has a 5MP camera on the back and a front facing camera with standard video quality. The price are not yet confirmed. As per the specification and phone design the devices looks reasonable in performance and price. We can expect a good price betting from Alcatel.