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Thread: Best Custom ROMs for Samsung Galaxy Y 2013

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    Best Custom ROMs for Samsung Galaxy Y 2013

    Samsung Galaxy Y is the best budget phone in the market which allows you to play with different custom rom. I had found this device more easier to root and install rom compare to any other. The process is extremely simple. And if you are not satisfied through ODIN you can restore the stock rom back in the phone. Being an entry level phone the installation is just limited to Gingerbread. That means you cannot move above 2.3.6 android version. Still it is a great device giving out many custom roms in the market and in this article I am going to list you top 10 roms which you can test and try out. Each rom is unique in its own kind. They offer you new features and some of them are capable of boosting the phone performance also. So letís move ahead with short description of each rom.

    1. BeautySense v1.0 ROM:

    This is the first stable rom I will recommend you. If you need a good and fast rom then this one is the best one. It offers you a great solution with better output. This rom already rooted and offers you BusyBox support. This rom also supports Bash Shell. So if you are looking for a stable and fast performance rom then this one is the best. Have a look at some of its highlights:

    • HTC styled settings
    • HTC styled dialer
    • HTC styled caller bg+ img
    • HTC styled laucher
    • HTC styled 14 toggles
    • Stable, Fast, Rock Solid
    • New Google Play Store
    • Google Search Updates
    • Full Bravia Engine Port
    • New Lockscreen by lockbot
    • And more....

    Download BeautySense v1.0 ROM

    2. Cyanogen Mod 7 ROM:

    My favorite is Cyanogens Mod. It is also quiet popular and widely used among various phone. It supports almost all kind of device. It offers a hassle free usage and the installation is also very simple. If you are beginner and just started to learn rooting stuff then you can go ahead with this one.

    Download Cyanogen Mod 7 ROM

    3. Creeds ROM v2.5:

    Creed is loaded with more features. This rom offers you a powerful notification bar with many desire options. Creed is a advance rom. It adds many new thing in the device and also modify the enter UI. The issue lies with performance here. It is a bit heavy rom. When you load more application it becomes slow down.

    Download Creeds ROM v2.5

    4. ChobitsDigitalis V1.6 ROM:

    This rom is dedicated for those who are looking to enhance more battery life. The rom also features a new UI which makes it really easy to operate. Being a lightweight rom it great for increasing the battery output. It features a very nice interface.

    Download ChobitsDigitalis V1.6 ROM

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    Re: Best Custom ROMs for Samsung Galaxy Y 2013

    5. Fusion v2.0 ROM:

    Now this is again for performance and stability. IT provides more stable performance with different app support. This rom is loaded with the best kernel. Due to which it offer stability at hardware level. The new rom is loaded with a new gallery app, it gives you a completely new ICS keyboard and a much better file browser.

    Download Fusion v2.0 ROM

    6. Hybrid ROM V5.0:

    This is for those who want to have ICS UI on their device. There are two versions available. One is standard which comes loaded with all features and other one is Lite which is more performance intensive. The rom works on DDLC3 firmware due to which it remains stable and is capable of giving you good output.

    Download Hybrid ROM

    7. Infected ROM Blazed v2.5.2:

    Again a performance intensive rom. Stable and smooth enough with new UI. Feature this rom offers is Zipalign, init.d, busybox, sqlite, etc. It comes loaded with Nexus Launcher. The developer has removed unwanted bloat ware from the rom making it more stable and good in output.

    Download Infected ROM Blazed

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    Re: Best Custom ROMs for Samsung Galaxy Y 2013

    8. M.U.R (Ultimate ROM) v2 ROM:

    Rom with a bit eye popping effects. This one offers you completely new UI with ICS based theme. It offers you fast boot and good performance. This is a dxle1 based rom. The rom comes loaded with Cyanogen inside. It another great example for those who are looking for ICS.

    Download M.U.R (Ultimate ROM) v2 ROM

    9. Next2ICS ROM (JellyBlast):

    Next2ICS ROM for Galaxy Y: Called Jelly Blast this rom gives you Jellybean kind of feature on Galaxy Y. So if you are looking forward to test Jellybean in your phone then this is the best option. It comes with a custom firmware which makes Jellybean possible to run on Galaxy Y. The new rom is loaded with Jellybean theme, Jellybean Live Wallpaper, tons of free wallpaper, new file explorer, chrome browser, jb messaging and keyboard app. Based on complete JB UI this app is really great for testing out new interface. But can be heavy on ram.

    Download M.U.R (Ultimate ROM) v2 ROM

    10. Repencis ROM V3:

    This is an advance rom. Ideally recommended for advance users. It comes rooted so that you can make additional changes instantly. It is a DXLC1 based rom. ADW Launcher comes as the default launcher. In terms of UI it is great. The rom also has a pro edition which adds more benefit to the device.

    Download Repencis ROM V3

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