With the rise in social networking activity newer sites are coming in with some good ideas to make the networking more intense. Out HRD minster, ShashiTharoor has launched a new social networking site :Flatparty. Flatparty is more like LinkedIn allowing you to connect with your family, friends but also the business connections.

It is more business like where the users can even organize meeting and events, plan them, send messages, share multimedia’s, set conferences and a lot more.

It also features blogs, polls, forum where multiple users can come and discuss on topics etc. signing up to this networking site is quite easy. People have already started using it since it offers a lot more things apart from the features in other sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, twitter etc. there are also photos and videos section. Like-minded people can come together on a common platform now and share their views and thoughts with each other.

The site is heavily guarded and is accessible for users above 13years old. The privacy settings are stringent too. Now let’s wait and watch how well it goes on with the users already crazy about other networking sites especially Facebook. Moreover Facebook has been keeping up with increasing demands of users and developing itself from time to time.

Flatparty is very well designed and expected to attract many users since it has many new features. More of business and management users are going to use it.