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Thread: Suggest a best Digital Camera?

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    Suggest a best Digital Camera?

    I am planning to gift my wife a new Digital Camera this Christmas. But I am not able to decide which Camera to go for. Many of my friends told me to go with Nikon, Some told me to go with Canon and some told to go with Song. So now I am really confused which is a good brand can anyone over here help me out.

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    Re: Suggest a best Digital Camera?

    Not Canon. I have a bad expensive Powershot 520A developed blank screen just after warranty expired. Believed I was buying well-reviewed reliable name-brand product, but it; not. Canon Tech Assistance another scam, waste of time, and basically says to send them another $100 just for a diagnosis. But it turns out Canon well knows the Powershots have a defective chip and the issue is widespread. Canon won't repair or replace its defective product. Nothing you can do except toss it and never buy Canon again. Poorly designed, poorly manufactured, overpriced, unreliable, defective waste of your time and money.

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    Re: Suggest a best Digital Camera?

    Nikon D7000

    + Many individual settings
    + Quick and simple flash off at mode dial
    + Quick and simple AF options, no need to use menu
    + Good battery. 500 shots even with frequent flash and display usage
    + Very quiet
    + 2 card slots

    - Frequent exposure compensation required. Tends to overexpose, especially if subject is dark.
    - Does not safe highlights automatically
    - Camera does not show up as a drive when connected to a Mac

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    Re: Suggest a best Digital Camera?

    Everyone has their own point of views but i have recently switched to Canon from Nikon. i have taken Canon EOS Rebel T3i.

    • Clarity
    • Ease of use
    • Light weight (I bring it everywhere)
    • Sport mode works for kids and pets (so there is no loss in Nikon setting)
    • TV mode is SO helpful for long exposure
    • Great ISO sensitivity
    • ISO up to 6400 (and expandable, but haven't need

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    Re: Suggest a best Digital Camera?

    I do agree Canon is any time better then Nikon but Sony is the Best. As I have Sony Cyber-shot DSC-HX9V. The Sony Cyber-shot DSC-HX9V is overflowing with shooting features, and has excellent photo and video quality and solid shooting performance.

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    Re: Suggest a best Digital Camera?

    Samsung PL100

    In looks in the best digital camera under RS. 10000 that you can buy in India. First and foremost it has a dual display which means you self-portraits would look unimaginable sharp and crisp. For just under Rs. 10000 this camera could be yours.
    Some of its features are.

    • 12.1 MP sensor
    • 3x optical and 3x digital zoom
    • HD video recording and 720p
    • Proper Face Detection, Image Stabilizer, Red Eye Reduction and Self-Timer Available

    Price of Samsung PL100 Digital Camera in India is Rs. 9630/-

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