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Thread: Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie top five expected features

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    Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie top five expected features

    Google is expected to unveil the new version of android very soon. The next version of android would be android 5.0 key lime pie. There is a lot of speculation going on about how it would look like and what would be new in it. Here are a few highlights of the Key Lime Pie.

    1. The highlight of the android 5.0 would be its profile management features. It would help you to manage your profile better by setting sounds differently for different profiles and change data too. This features is available in android tabs. But with Key Lime Pie it would be available in smartphones too. The blackberry 10 users must also be quite familiar with this features as the profile management feature is available in it.

    2. Social Networking is one of the most popular place where users are spending most of there time. Keeping in mind this factor, the new android version would all social integration hub. It’s expected that android might provide its users with the social site as a inbuilt features itself. Again this feature is already availble in the windows phone and blackberry 10 and this feature was something in which android was lagging. It would be a very good feature to catch up.

    3. Another area where android is lagging behind is the video conferencing application. Front facing camera is available in most of the android smartphones and tablets but video chatting app was missing. Again, this feature is available in blackberry 10, Apple and windows phone too. With the increasing trends it’s quite obvious that Google need to integrate this app to its native application to android handsets. Adding up this feature would allow android users to video call on the go and enjoy the Google apps to the fullest.

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    Re: Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie top five expected features

    4. Android is expected to get more customizable with the new android 5.0. there would be many stock theme mode that is expected to dominate the interface provided by phone manufacturers. Google would offer more option to customize your settings and make your handset more interactive. The user interface is going to be much better.

    5. Syncing text messages is something that is not available currently. Emails, calendar, contacts etc. can be synced easily however once you change your device messages are always lost. Android may include this feature to sync text messages. You would be able to cloud with the new version of android if this feature would be available in the android 5.0.

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