One of the most popular and fun filled game is back. The new version of the Plants Vs Zombies is now available for the gamers. You can easily avail the game from the app store. The pop cap game has recently launched the new plants vs zombies 2. The game is now available for the iphone/ ipadtoo.howeverits for the new Zealand and Australia only. However there are certain ways to get the game if you belong to some other country. If you areare not very sure about how to go about the installation process of this game in your iphone then hereís a easy guide that would help you to easily install the plant vs zombies 2.

Follow the procedure given below.

  • Go to the iTunes store and sign out from your existing account.

  • There is a country option. Change it to new Zealand or Australia as the game is only released for these two countries at moment. You would find it at the bottom right.

  • Now follow the usual steps like going to the top free apps.

  • Create a new account in itunes.

  • You donít need to fill in every thing rightly accept for your email id.

  • Select none in the payment since its free.

  • Fill in all the details shown in the steps ahead.

  • A notification would then be sent to your account.

  • Finally, download and sync the app.

  • The plant vs. zombies 2 is now installed in you device.

  • Go ahead and enjoy the game.

PopCap is soon going to launch it for the another countries as well. So if you wait for some more time you would get to access it in your usual way. Else simply follow the steps now and go ahead and play.