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Thread: What is YouTube Pro video series

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    What is YouTube Pro video series

    I am big fond of YouTube and I really like to watch videos related technology and gizbots, recently there is news related to YouTube Pro series.

    Will this new series be helpful for users or what will be the new features provided by Google. Please guys help me with proper information regarding this new series.

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    Re: What is YouTube Pro video series

    YouTube Pro is new video series launched to encourage the users to turn you tube channel in to full time gig. As the users were facing the issues of crowdfunding and this series will help owners working with advertisers to find a manager and provide help in running their own web series. Working with advertisers by helping them with covering following points like, what should be in contract, how to price the deal and to stay real with the audience watching videos.

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    Re: What is YouTube Pro video series

    YouTube should consider this following point as there are large numbers of user who rely on YouTube for much information. According to the survey, YouTube has revealed that 100 hours of videos are uploaded every hour and Google is trying to engage more people on YouTube and also to bring more and more advertisers on youtube.

    So lets see what this pro series by Google will do for them and for the users.

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