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Thread: Grid 2 Save game Download for PC

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    Grid 2 Save game Download for PC

    Hey guys, i have a very short questions.

    As my subject line says it all, i am looking for Save Game files for Grid 2. I am playing this on my Gaming pc. Though i have played its first title (Grid 1) but facing very much difficulties with this installment. Seems like Codemasters have increased the difficulty level in easy mode as well. I am not able to earn points or unlock cars.

    Hence wanted to know if anyone here playing Grid 2? If yes, can you please share your save files with me? I'm sure you might be playing it better than me.

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    Re: Grid 2 Save game Download for PC

    Welcome back MVP. I dont think the Game is so tough. Its all Racing need to me more active just it.

    Anyways, here is my Save Game file for you with all cars unlocked in story mode. Hope you will love it.

    Download the same from below attachment and let me know if you need anymore help.
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    Re: Grid 2 Save game Download for PC

    Hey guys, i found yet another Fully completed Save Game for Grid 2 in their Download Center. I downloaded the same and is working great hence thought to share with you all.

    If you want you can try out both the files.

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