Did anyone noticed the completely new Look and User Interface of Google Plus? If not, you should check it out right now. Its been less than 24 hours to Google I/O conference and we saw a major change in their Social Network. They have complete change the look of their social page by filling up all the space. It now looks very similar to Pinterest but frankly much better than that. I remember earlier somebody has asked Google what are they going to do with the blank spaces on ones Google+ Profile Page? They blamed that Google has left it for Ad space. Well they proved wrong. Now i cannot see any blank space on my personal as well as my Business Page. have a look:

Here the right side blank space you can see if for your contact list. Apart from this they have also changed the sharing option. You can now see a brand new Status update box:

When you mousehower on the Home Button at left top, you get the list of menus for Profile, Photos, pages, etc. They have also provided few new options on the top menu as Customers, VIPs, Team members, etc on your Business Pages. You get more options when you click on More right on the top menu bar.

Over all the new Google Plus is very user friendly and provides several options accessible with comfortably.