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Thread: 20% rise in the tariff plan of RCOM

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    20% rise in the tariff plan of RCOM

    If you are a reliance customer then just get ready for increase in call rates. RCOM is increasing the price of calls by 20 to 30%. So if you are paying 1 paisa per second right now you have to pay 1.2 paisa per second.

    The call rate is not so costly but this would reduce the talk time. There is no change in the STD. It remains 2 paisa per second only. There are some minor changes only in the call rate which is not a matter of worry. You can find out the new rates on the official tariff page of reliance.

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    Re: 20% rise in the tariff plan of RCOM

    That does not look a major change here. 20% is enough. There was news recently in the market that the call rates will be restored back to 1rs per minutes instead of 60 paisa right now. 20% hike simply means that right now we have to pay around 80 paisa per minute.

    So that can be adjustable. I hope there are no changes in 3G plan also. I am right now using a limited plan and if they add more to that then it will be simply costly to use. I would prefer to switch to some other telecom.

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    Re: 20% rise in the tariff plan of RCOM

    Only call rate are affected here. There are no changes in the internet or data pack plan. I had seen the current tariff. That lies around 1.2 paisa only per. But if that goes higher to 1.5 or more then that will make the call rate more costly compare to older times.

    The way they are increasing money I worry in future we have to pay more. But in the stiff competition some telecom provider might not mess with the tariff plan. Reliance is always in the process of hiking prices.

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    Re: 20% rise in the tariff plan of RCOM

    There is actually a major change in some plans. Like Plan 48 which offers 500 mins before is reduced to 160 minutes. So if you are using that plan then just check what are the total minutes you are getting?

    The same changes are done to Plan 46 which offers 200 minutes before now offers only 140 while other things are one and the same. There is no issue with that. The tariff is raised a bit only. But if they keep on doing this it is correct that it will be more costly as compared to what it was before.

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    Re: 20% rise in the tariff plan of RCOM

    I do not think that is going to put more impact. That is a minor change according to me. And compare to reliance no other telecom provider has yet provided information on the rising tariff. I hope they will not follow the same path. At least users here are having options to change their mobile network if they are not happy with the tariff rate.

    According to me the major impact in on the free mins schemes which were sold by reliance. The call mins are reduced to 60% here. Some of the plan is mentioned above.

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