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Thread: First OTA update I9500DDUAMDK released for Samsung Galaxy S4

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    First OTA update I9500DDUAMDK released for Samsung Galaxy S4

    Samsung Galaxy S4 has just received its first OTA update. This update provides some stability and performance to device. The update size is just around 53.76MB which clearly states that there are no additional features. It just offers more stability. There might be some bugs which are not disclosed by Samsung. This update is specifically released for removing those bugs. The build number is I9500DDUAMDK and also the kernel is updated to 3.4.5-526212 from 3.4.5-447845. So that simply enhances the output to great extent.

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    Re: First OTA update I9500DDUAMDK released for Samsung Galaxy S4

    I thought the update would be giving some better output in making the phone more stable. First update which I had received on Galaxy S3 added some set of more features in the device. The phone simply works great. While S4 already looks to be loaded with tons of new feature that makes the phone to work more properly.

    So this would be simply some minor update which usually we receive on Smartphone’s in order to enhance the performance.

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    Re: First OTA update I9500DDUAMDK released for Samsung Galaxy S4

    The device is just awesome. My friend owns one. I had seen ample of features on the same and it looks to be working relatively fine. I saw when the update arrived on the phone. The features of the update were just listed as improved stability. I did not found any great changes after running the update. It looks to be working really fine.

    Anyhow the update does not make any major changes. But still you can run the update to make it work more properly. I hope there will be better updates in future.

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    Re: First OTA update I9500DDUAMDK released for Samsung Galaxy S4

    The best thing about Samsung devices I like is that even after installing any new update it does not wipe out your old applications. This makes it a smart device while if we have to make some changes in other devices then the update would wipe out everything. Also the data is not touched. Due to which you can blindly go for any kind of new settings update in the system. I do not think there is any other device in the market which actually receives OTA updates.

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    Re: First OTA update I9500DDUAMDK released for Samsung Galaxy S4

    Recently LAVA has announced an OTA Android update for IRIS 501 which is never received to me. I am having that phone. I am planning to go for Galaxy S4. I bought this budget phone for some reasons. But the interface is really not cool.

    I am waiting for some price drop or some kind of cash back add-ons which will be offered on the phone. Galaxy S3 is already sold on great discounted rate. I hope there will be some changes in future.

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