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Thread: New Dark Souls 2 Gameplay video reveals new story

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    New Dark Souls 2 Gameplay video reveals new story

    A new video on YouTube by IGN based on Dark Souls 2 reveals the gameplay of this upcoming game. The video reflects a very similar type of plot used in the older series. Dark Souls is one of the most popular game series. So this time if you want to know what will be new in the upcoming series you can watch out the same in below video. The game just looks a bit refreshing and we can hope for something really new stuff here.

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    Re: New Dark Souls 2 Gameplay video reveals new story

    I had seen the video. I too agree with you to some extent. It looks a bit similar to the older edition. But this can be new for those who had never played Dark Souls first edition. The game also shows the improved graphic quality and realistic adventure.

    I am a great fan of Dark Soul series and I am definitely going to buy the game once it is out. As per the video posted it is just amazing. But as it is not finally announced there can be ample of rumors on the storyline. It is possible that the final version will be completely different.

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    Re: New Dark Souls 2 Gameplay video reveals new story

    The video does not provide detail information. It looks I was watching the video of older series. I thought this would be some kind of new cinematic that will atleast give some highlight on the new storyline which matters the most here. I hope the game will be great as there are great expectations from the same.

    Can anyone show me what new it will be going to have liked some changes which are compared to the older one? That will be easier to simply compare and find out the difference.

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    Re: New Dark Souls 2 Gameplay video reveals new story

    The video just shows a level from the game which is not really so enhanced. It gives a more taste of RPG genre game. The videos just reflect some combo moves and a bunch of weapon usage. I am really expecting more from Dark Souls this time. But as per the video that I had seen it looks a bit boring. Are there any more videos available that give more information on the game play? This might make it more interesting to some extent. It is better to wait for the final release.

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    Re: New Dark Souls 2 Gameplay video reveals new story

    The video just gives you highlight on the user interface and how the game will be. A short description on the game environment. This time there are lighter areas in the game.

    While it is right to say that the game has a lot more of similarity compare to the other one. Somehow the graphics is great which a kind of common upgrade for every game is. It is really complicated to understand the entire game under single video. Because there are some set of different gameplay.

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