Hello I am trying to find a script or batch file to enable sysadmin account under server roles for the NT Authority\system in SQL Server 2012.

I have installed SQL Server in mixed mode but the sa role is disabled by default.

The reason I am looking for a script is because I want to ad the script to my MSI CommVault build to automatically enable the sa account so my PM's don't have to.

I have minimal knowledge on scripting so detailed answers would help a lot.

'sysadmin' is a role, 'sa' is the 'system administrator's login.

If you installed just using Windows Authentication (default mode), the 'sa' account is already there, but will be disabled by default. Look under YourServerName -> Security -> Logins in Management Studio, and you should see 'sa' with a down-arrow in the icon (symbolises a disabled user)