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Thread: Default How do I sync Titanium Backup with Dropbox?

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    Default How do I sync Titanium Backup with Dropbox?

    I had installed Titanium Backup on my mobile phone. I am having Canvas HD. I want some way here by which I connect Titanium Backup directly with Dropbox or some other online storage service so that I can simply format my phone completely when I want and then restore it back instantly by downloading the backup files.

    I want some good suggestion here. I had seen in a video that it is possible to connect Titanium Backup with Dropbox. But I am not sure about the exact process. Hope you guys can help with the same. Thank you.

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    Re: Default How do I sync Titanium Backup with Dropbox?

    There is no direct way of syncing files with Dropbox. You will need to manually put the folder inside Dropbox. You can ES File Explorer for the same. Run Titanium Backup and remember the location where you saved the files. Then simply drag the folder inside DropBox and done. It will be uploaded on the web. For restoration you can try the same process back. You just need to download those files and use Titanium backup to restore any existing settings. It works well but the process is manual.

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    Re: Default How do I sync Titanium Backup with Dropbox?

    The option is only available in the Pro edition. If you are using a basic one which is free then forget the automatic way. You have to use the manual process as mentioned above by dragging the folder or files directly inside Dropbox.

    You can also try one more thing. You can use Dropbox to simply provide the way of folder that you want to sync and the same folder/directory will be used to store the backup file. It is one of the easiest way to keep your files on the web. You can do the same for Google Drive also.

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    Re: Default How do I sync Titanium Backup with Dropbox?

    I am having a Pro edition and I had connected Titanium Backup with it. The feature is locked for the free edition. For this if you have to create a folder in the format with regular number. Like Directory1/Directory2. You will need to create this folder inside Titanium Backup. Later on you will need to go in the target location and configure the settings. You have to provide the complete path where backup is saved. That's all. Titanium backup is connected with dropbox.

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    Re: Default How do I sync Titanium Backup with Dropbox?

    There is no tool on Google Play that can provide a cloud based support for mobile backup. What they offer is just storing the files like I am going to root my device.

    So I just want to upload my existing ROM on the cloud service. It will be stored online and will be accessible to me if I want to restore the old settings back. In terms of installing custom OS, iPhone is really great. Through iTunes you can at least get your old settings back instantly without much issue.

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