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Thread: Top 6 Casino game for Android Tablet and Smartphone

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    Top 6 Casino game for Android Tablet and Smartphone

    Following is a short list of Top 6 Casino games of Android devices. Casino games consist of card games. You can find below some of the best game available on Google Play. Almost all of them are paid, but yet quiet awesome games.

    Zeus HD:

    This is a bit fantasy type game. The game offers you slot machine type gameplay. The game is very interesting in many ways. It offers you a set of slot machine which you have to use to earn. There are around 7 different slot machines with interactive puzzle on the same. You can simply walk on the casino floor to play with the one you want. You can also transfer or share the earned money among different machine. Also there are some set of tournaments available that makes it more exciting.

    Hardwood Solitaire IV:

    A Solitaire game always comes on the top when we talk about card games. Hardwood Solitaire IV is another great game with ample of new tricks. The game is a pack of 10 different classic solitaire games. You can choose the one that you want to play among this. There are set of challenges and achievement rewarded on accomplishing the same. The game offers endless fun for those who are crazy about card games. Also you can add your own favorite background, change the avatar and do more stuff.


    This is another classic Solitaire game that requires more brain. It is one of the most popular solitaire games for iOS devices. It has a clean graphic and it is nicely optimized for working with Smartphone and tablets. The game offers a great output with customized solution also. You can simply download the game and with simple touch support it works really well. It offers you some standard customization option through which you can simply add your own photos and background to the game.

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    Re: Top 6 Casino game for Android Tablet and Smartphone

    Wonderful Wizard of Oz Slot:

    This is another fantastic slot machine game that features a great way of earning achievement and entirely a new look of puzzle games. It works well on all the devices and offers great output. It is based on the theme of Wizard of Oz. The game is a slot based game which is meant for all pages. There are more than 400 ways of playing game. You can simply earn credit on the game. You have to go through a set of puzzles in the game. The game has an appealing interface.

    Texas Hold'em Poker 2:

    It is another popular variation of poker game on the web. The game offers you an ultimate poker style gameplay with training mode. A really good game for beginners who knows nothing about poker. Through the game you can go through number of tips and tricks and keep making your skills better. The opponent is controlled by AI with ample of competition and wild tournaments. The game offers a great poker experience compare to any other on Google Play.


    If you are looking for a bit different taste in card game then just has a look on Spell Storm. It is an online multiplayer game that offers you a quiet weird way of playing card games. Here you will deal with various characters and monster. The game is just like watching a fantasy movie. You can simply deal with various monsters here. The game needs a bit of understanding so you might found it confusing while playing it. But you can explore a huge number of things here.

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