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Thread: Samsung announces Galaxy Win, Galaxy Trend II and Galaxy Trend II Duo Smartphones

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    Samsung announces Galaxy Win, Galaxy Trend II and Galaxy Trend II Duo Smartphones

    Samsung announced 3 new devices that feature the latest Android OS Jelly Beam 4.1. The model numbers of these devices are Galaxy Win, Galaxy Trend II and Galaxy Trend II Duo. There is no clear information available when the devices will start for sale in India. Leaving the two models aside only Trend II Duos features a dual sim support while other two are single sim mobile phones. These phones offer latest features and an improved interface at budget price range. The price is not yet confirmed but we will let you know soon. Depending on the features and output the price will be determined. With 4.1 Jellybean you can take benefit from all latest android application. All the devices will not be having identical hardware configuration. As per leaked information the processor used in one of the devices will be 1.2Gh Quad Core cpu. Dual camera is common feature, Galaxy Win is provided with a 3MP front and 5MP rear camera.

    Connectivity features are common. The devices are just announced and yet waiting for the final release date. Devices among this will feature dual core and quad core processor that terms them as a high end smartphone. The screen size will be around 4.7inch and battery might be around 2000mAH. The most important thing to check is the final price that will determine whether these devices are worth buying or not. Specification is another important thing to check. It is not sure that all the devices will be loaded with quad core processor, but surely the lowest of them will the best budget Jellybean device in the market. There will be extra application also like ChatON.

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    Re: Samsung announces Galaxy Win, Galaxy Trend II and Galaxy Trend II Duo Smartphones

    I am eagerly waiting for the complete specification of these devices. I found that Trend II Duos will be the most expensive and high end device among this three. It will surely have a Quad Core cpu and a more bigger screen. There is a great difference among the three models. You cannot simply say that they are identical. But I hope Samsung would keep them at a reasonable price rate because there is already a fierce competition in the market.

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    Re: Samsung announces Galaxy Win, Galaxy Trend II and Galaxy Trend II Duo Smartphones

    It is just news. I am doubtful about the Quad core cpu. If that much processing power is added then surely this device will be between Rs.15k to Rs.20k or might be costlier. Samsung is the only brand in the market which offers you reasonable smartphones at a decent price range.

    I think these devices will not be released so soon. There are chances of getting them after S4 comes in Indian market. But if it comes before then there will be a bit fall in price.

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