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Thread: Top 6 Action games for Android Smartphone and Tablets

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    Top 6 Action games for Android Smartphone and Tablets

    Following is the list of some most popular Action games for Android devices. The games work well on 1 GHz processor minimum and 1GB RAM. For better output it is necessary that your tablet or smartphone must have Mali-400 GPU or similar. Some games below are paid while some are free. The list below only features action games with ample of new gameplays and levels. You can simply checkout the same and choose which one you like the most.

    Grand Theft Auto III:

    If you love a bit of simulation and adventure then this game is good for you. It offers you a nice GTA interface on your tablet or smartphone making gaming extremely easy. It works really well in terms of output. It is an open world reality game that is designed with pc like features. You can choose up task and simply move in any vehicle around you. The game offers a nice genre and the developer was able to successfully port the same to a portable device. With HD graphics and USB game controller support you can enjoy it more.

    The Amazing Spider-Man:

    Amazing Spider Man is yet another highly anticipated game on the android. The game is based on the story line of Spider Man movie where the central game characters faces a number of challenges. The game works really well on tablet with good GPU. The game offers you to control spider man and learn amazing skills to kill enemies. You can deal with different enemies here which are popular in movies and in cartoon series also. You can change from red to dark them based on the challenge.

    The Dark Knight Rises:

    For Batman fanís this game is really a treat. The game is based on a thriller story line and has awesome control options. Designed and developed quiet decently the game goes well with ample of devices. Control Batman to protect Gotham City in night. The game features a mixture of action and strategy. It is an epic game on android. There is really very less difference between the graphic that we got on pc and on the portable platform. With thrilling fighting effects and ample of action moves the game works really well.

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    Re: Top 6 Action games for Android Smartphone and Tablets

    Osmos HD:

    OSMOS is games for all ages and it works well in ample of devices. It does not demand high hardware configuration. The game is based on simple idea of consuming others to get bigger. The smaller has the maximum chances of elimination. The game goes well with simple strategy and has really great levels. At later stages you go through a distinct environment which fantastic graphic output. The game is better in tablet compare to on mobile phone. With multi-touch support the control is easier.

    Death Worm:

    It is one of the most popular games on Android. It is based on an original concept of death worm game that offers a great gameplay. You will need to control a worm here that will keep on eating or consuming whatever comes in its way. The current edition offers you around 60 different levels with 4 locations. There are some mini games also available and you can choose from 4 different worm types. The game works well with tablet and mobile also.

    AVP: Evolution:

    If you love killing aliens and weird creatures then you can go for AVG Evolution. It is another nice fps game with eye popping graphics. It works really well on tablet. The game is created by the developers of Predators. It offers a nice competitive environment where you will be dealing with a hunter clan. The game offers you a nice set of weapons and combat skill which you can use to bring down the enemies. The game is simply awesome with nice environments.

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