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Thread: Microsoft planning to unveil Xbox 720 in May 2013

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    Microsoft planning to unveil Xbox 720 in May 2013

    Now a day a rumor is getting popular around the web and that is the new Xbox 720. Microsoft is planning to unveil the new console probably next month, May 2013 which might be around 21st of May and the final release date lies around November. The new console this time might bring the next level of gaming in your living room. There are some additional benefits over gaming and enhancement. Microsoft is going to push back this new console to the next level by offering great benefits. But the dates are still not finally confirmed by Microsoft itself. Also the features lie in dark. The device will be capable of giving the next generation gaming technology. Most of the time motion sensing is highlighted but there is no clear view on the same. The important features still are not highlighted and we will only came to know about the same when the device is officially launched in the market. But one thing is for sure that this time the new Xbox will be more performance intensive.

    Along with adding a better hardware, Microsoft has also worked hard on fixing out various bugs which are faced by other users on the same. Gaming is not the only important things to be enhanced, common hardware failure are also important matters to be taken under consideration. In terms of Graphic surely Xbox 720 will offer something better. Also one more important thing that Microsoft has to handle is piracy. In PS3 and older Xbox edition modding is possible due to which users can play pirated games. They are ready to take the risk of warranty void. But in the new one the new firmware will not allow to run any pirated game adding extreme level of security on the same. Once Xbox 720 is finally provided it will give better output on the features and price structure it is going to charge.

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    Re: Microsoft planning to unveil Xbox 720 in May 2013

    Microsoft looks to be secretly working on the same. I had seen ample of news which was based on tons of rumors for this new gaming console. But still nothing is clear. The hardware configuration here matters the most which will offer the next level graphic card and other more benefits.

    But still is not clear enough. I also agree that Microsoft must work on the hardware bugs. The heating issue and other problem that we face most commonly while playing hd games.

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    Re: Microsoft planning to unveil Xbox 720 in May 2013

    Does the new one will be coming with some cheesy offers like pack of free games? I had just able to see some news that is mostly a kind of discussion. It is correct that officially Microsoft has not provided any confirmation on the news when they are going to release it finally and what they are going to offer on this. But still we can hope for the best in the coming time. Once it is officially announced then there will be final hardware configuration available.

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