Following is a short list of best popular HD games for Android devices. These games works really well in devices like Samsung Galaxy S3, Note 2, HTC One X Plus, etc. It is necessary that your device must have 1GHz of processor, 1GB RAM, Mali 400 or Similar GPU, and latest 2GB of storage space. Or else the game will not work well. These are popular HD games that offers you different genre and action packed gameplay. Let’s have a look at them individually:

SHADOWGUN: DeadZone 2.0:

It is one of the best FPS games with multi player abilities. The game is updated to version 2.0 that adds several new features in the gameplay and makes it extremely competitive. There are some new maps in this game that works really well with ample of new weapons and upgrades. You can simply play it with your friends and use different upgrades for shooting purpose. It is having a great graphic output with nice 3D environment. For those who loves to play fps games on tablet and mobile this game is awesome for them.

You can download Shadowgun DeadZone from here.

Iron Man 3:

If you love the Iron Man series just go on Google Play and have a look on the latest edition of Iran Man game for Android. These kind of endless lying game where you can use the motion sensor abilities of your mobile or table to fly high. You can collect ample of upgrades in between, pass obstacles and simply get more upgrades. There are several upgrades available for the suit that makes it less vulnerable to the attacks. The game features a simple endless mode with no levels but tons of upgrades.

Ravensword: Shadowlands:

This is one of the best RPG Adventure game on the market. This game is a nice adventure game that offers a new way of playing role play games on the android platform. It is a adventure game that offers you to explore vast environment. Along with this you can collect tons of items and enhance your skill. There are powerful weapon integration available in the game that allows you gain control over other clans. It is a online game that lies on the top in the charts of RPG game play. I am sure you will like it.

Download Ravensword: Shadowlands from here.


A fun loving game for all ages. ManuGanu reminds me of Mario. The game is nice running game where you have to jump or glide down to pass the obstacles. It has some sort of puzzle gameplay also in the coming level. It features a running platform game where you have to control a little buy to pass different set of obstacles. The game has awesome graphics and soothing environment. It is one of the easiest and addictive game on Google Play. It is available for free download.

Download MANUGANU from here.

The Conduit HD:

This game is for heavy tablet and mobile phone like Samsung Galaxy Note 2. It is a HD fps game which is dedicated for those android devices which are powered by Tegra 3 processor. The game deals with nice graphic output and great HD resolution. It is another great fps game that offers you to control your area. With enhanced texture the game works really well. The game deals with a kind of battle between alien and humans. You can choose from long range of weaponry and move ahead with make a kill.

Download The Conduit HD from here.

Real Racing 3:

For the racing lovers there is another great hd game which is available for free. The game offers a great set of cars and nice tracks. It is a really long game and offer pc like graphics. It works really well on tablets and mobile phones. I had tested the game on HTC One X Plus. The output is really great. The game works really well on devices that have 1GB ram and Mali 400 graphic cards. Yet this is one of the best racing game available for free. You can simply purchase coins to buy more upgrades and compete with online champions.

Download Real Racing 3 from here.