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Thread: Google about release Second Generation Nexus 7 in coming months

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    Google about release Second Generation Nexus 7 in coming months

    Google is planning to launch the new version of Nexus 7 in the month of July this year. This new device will featured NVidia Tegra chipset Qualcomm Snapdragon processor. It looks like we are soon going to expect a Octa core device. But as the official specification is yet not confirmed we will need to wait back for the final output. Nexus 7 is termed as the next generation device with much better performance and great usability. The UI will be improved as well. Recently there were news about Android 5.0. Google has not yet confirmed that the new device will be having Lime Pie on it or will launch with Jelly Bean but as it is going to be Google’s own Tablet, we can expect it with the new Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie.

    It is essential that the price of this tablet must be kept at a mid-price range. Whatever devices released by Google use to be more costlier compared to other devices launched by Samsung and other brands. The device might be rich in hardware support but it is also suspense that what new benefit it is going to offered.

    Through leaked information from few sources it is found that the new device will feature a Snapdragon processor. This time Google looks like moving ahead a bit by giving up Tegra 3 processor. While HD display and connectivity will be kept common as available in many devices. The internal storage is also a yet unknown. But we can surely say that the second generation tablet will be more powerful in terms of performance and output. Devices like this surely going to create high benchmark in near future and boost the gaming output. Just a couple years ago having a dual core processor on a mobile device was a dream. But as Android was introduced there are lots of things changed. We can simply expect more from Google about the new Nexus.

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    Re: Google about release Second Generation Nexus 7 in coming months

    There is nothing officially stated. Whatever information is provided is on the basis of news sources. Nothing is clear yet. This time Google looks to be bit in hurry in launching an Android device so early. The device will be surely better but due to fierce competition among other devices it can expect a downfall. Having a better processor and good storage is getting common in many devices. But what it matters is a feasibility of buying.

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    Re: Google about release Second Generation Nexus 7 in coming months

    It is weird that till today Apple looks to be clam on devices like this. They are not yet planning to release any device or work on the same. I thought the new Nexus this time will be bigger.

    Google does not looks to be working for a 10inch tablet. 7inch size is getting common. And with good processor obviously the performance will be more enhanced. What matters is the storage and the new features that make the tablet unique from others.

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