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Thread: Now enjoy free wireless internet (Wi-Fi) in Indian trains

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    Now enjoy free wireless internet (Wi-Fi) in Indian trains

    Indian Government has started a free internet service in some trains in India. It is not available at every place but to some limited route one. I think in future they will upgrade the same to all regions. The service is started with Delhi-Howrah Rajdhani Train. Govt is planning to add the same to more 50 trains in next coming months. Internet connectivity while travelling is one of the most common issues for people like us because we have a poor condition of 2G and 3G network in India. I am sure after adding this Wi-Fi Zones in the trains the internet connectivity will spread more and will offer an easy way to user to access their emails and other important tasks. This is highlighted in the Railway Budget. There is no confirmation whether the service will be available to all classes or simply to the first class passenger. The Wi-Fi service will offer a maximum download limit of 4mbps. That might be not really enough for all the passengers but still it will give a bit help to locate instant information. This looks to be a just start.

    Later on after when the new budget appears there are chances of getting a much higher internet bandwidth. This basically depends on the demand. The Govt. is waiting back to see the feedback from passengers. If more people demand, a better bandwidth will be added. The major motive is to improve communication. You can simply check emails, perform online transaction, make calls on internet, do lot more stuff. These also add more to the entertainment stuff in trains. For those who travel frequently will enjoy the service by video streaming and game download. Still the bandwidth is not really enough and I think the Govt. will have to work on proper implementation of Wi-Fi network.

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    Re: Now enjoy free wireless internet (Wi-Fi) in Indian trains

    4mbps for the entire train? Do you really think people will get a proper bandwidth? There used to be hundreds of passenger travelling in the train. And 4mps is just nothing. I think that will be accessible to some few compartments, probably to the first class passengers at the front.

    Mostly the first class compartments lie on the front side and while other passenger at the end will struggle to gain access. It is necessary that the Govt. should implement more bandwidth. 4mpbs is nothing.

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    Re: Now enjoy free wireless internet (Wi-Fi) in Indian trains

    Along with internet connectivity, security also matters the most. It is essential that the passengers many get appropriate secure access. There are people who can benefit for free internet. I think there must be some way through which only web surfing must be allowed. Like checking emails or other stuffs. Video streaming, downloads, etc. must be blocked completely because this thing consume more internet.

    If only surfing is allowed then all can take benefit from this service.

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