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Thread: LG Plans to work on Firefox Smartphones in future

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    LG Plans to work on Firefox Smartphones in future

    Last year in July we posted a news about Mozilla Firefox Smartphones which stats that the first manufactures who are going to present this smartphone would be TCL Communication Technology (Alcatel) and ZTE. Now couple of days ago Mozilla announced the new Firefox OS for mobile phones. But yet no manufacturer seems to be interested in providing a device with this new OS. That can be due to Android as it is widely used in many devices.

    But now LG is planning to work on Firefox OS based mobile phones. Yet there is no final confirmation news on the phone model or what it is going to offer. But still we can expect something far more better. The Firefox OS is mostly based on the web browser where you can use all the plugins and download in your phone itself. This is somewhat similar to ChromeOS, which is an OS version of Google Chrome that allows you to run web based application on your notebook. Now this new Firefox OS would offer a greater advantage of using web based application directly on the mobile device. It is still in rumor and there is no final confirmation released about the device features.

    If this phone is finalized it will be the first Firefox Smartphone. It will be powered by a web based OS that will offer more web based support based on email, browsing and other stuff while apps and games on the same may be limited. However there is yet no clear information available about the device. But soon in future the device will get some recent updates and the app store of Firefox OS will allow users to download and access tons of free applications. LG here is planning to release the phone that meets end user requirement. Email and web surfing are prime features of mobile devices today. So adding a new OS will make the device more comfortable in terms of output and performance.

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    Re: LG Plans to work on Firefox Smartphones in future

    There are still rumors here without final confirmation on the device output. The device will surely be running on Firefox but will that be able to create an impact on users who are using OS like android.

    Android delivers rich interface in the hands of people at extremely affordable price. Firefox OS on the same hand must be much more functional and affordable to beat it. As we had seen in last couple of years that large manufacturers has adopted android as their mode of mobile platform.

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    Re: LG Plans to work on Firefox Smartphones in future

    It looks like some treat for geeks. There is no clear confirmation whether this OS is going to perform better or not. It is essential that Mozilla must create a platform which should be better and more enhanced with a good market store. I had seen the market place of Firefox OS which has ample of applications and free tools on the web. Mozilla plans to deliver a web based platform that offers better connectivity. And I do not really think the OS will be so good for other purpose.

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