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Thread: iOS 7 updated will take more time because of Features enhancement

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    iOS 7 updated will take more time because of Features enhancement

    The launch of iOS 7 might be delayed for more couple of weeks due to it enhanced look and new feature. It is already behind schedule. The new device running on iOS 7 are not yet announced. There is also on leak information on the same. And it is also in dark whether existing Apple devices will get iOS updates or not. Some new look and features will make the new iOS better compared to the older ones. This time you can expect more stability, smoother performance and added features that make this device a fierce competition.

    Along with the security updates and fixes it is also important for Apple to tackle Jail breaking. Rumors states that there will be significant changes in the UI and output. This time the new devices running on iOS will be lighter and thinner. But yet nothing is claimed so far. Apple looks like to be hiding something. What we can do is only wait back and watch.

    Probably Apple will launch the new iOS 7 update by the end of this year or may be later. But the increasing curiosity has led to generation of ample of rumors behind the OS. The interface is somewhat going to be unique. I am sure that after when features are leaked in the market, some big competitors will be laid back. Another important question left is to get updates on existing devices which is very complicated for Apple. The devices that are released with new OS reduce the market value of older one. And above all one important matter yet pending to discuss is the price. I hope Apple is going to stay a bit reasonable on this. Even after being so costly device, iPhone sales break the record.

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    Re: iOS 7 updated will take more time because of Features enhancement

    You are right on the same saanz. Apple is going to do important changes in the design which is discussed so far. But there are no glimpses about it. I think Apple is going to work more on the display stuffs in order to make the device response much better in all ways. If you guys remember last time the device had huge problem with battery and call dropping. In US 4G variants are taking space and this time Apple has more things to add. It looks Apple Maps will be better this time.

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    Re: iOS 7 updated will take more time because of Features enhancement

    Wherever I go on web I just found the changes related to UI. There is nothing special discussed. Ample of people just says that there will great changes in the UI making the device a more user friendly device as it was always. The design is yet not detailed.

    I am sure there will be a better camera this time breaking all the previous records. Apple must play smartly on the same. The bugs are major drawbacks of this device which reduces the interest.

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