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Thread: How to get Windows Phone Messaging on Android

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    How to get Windows Phone Messaging on Android

    If you are willing to find a Windows Phone messaging interface on your Android phone, then you are at right place. I am going to give you information on an application that adds a Windows Phone Messaging interface on your device with MMS support. Have a look at this:

    Isn’t it exactly as Windows Phone 8 interface? Earlier I was using a Windows mobile given by my office. Later on I bought a new android device which was far cheaper. But the messaging interface was a bit uncomfortable for me. I went on web to find out an app that provides me a similar Windows Phone interface for chatting. And there I found Messaging 7 App. This app allows you to have a Windows chat interface with MMS support and it works easily. There is no performance problem or lagging issue. The app has a nice visual output. It just does not look dull nor has a poor experience. If you want you can download the same from here.

    With this if you install Windows Phone 8 launcher then your phone just turns of Windows device. It is not giving you all the features, but a bit of visual support and smooth interface. The app is just exactly the same that you found on Windows Phone 8. Just go on Google Play and Download Messaging 7 App.

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    Re: How to get Windows Phone Messaging on Android

    I had seen that. Thanks for working on that. I thought it was a bit better. But somehow I do not really enjoy the output is offers. The phone is a bit laggy sometime. I am using an ICS device from Karbonn.

    I tried a number of launchers and apps that might help me to get a Windows 8 interface on my pc. But no nothing really works here. Another thing the app is good for those who just want to have the look and feel of Windows Phone Messaging app.

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    Re: How to get Windows Phone Messaging on Android

    The app is really cool. It gives a similar output. I like the conversation tiles here. It is more similar. But I think that the app needs a bit more improvement. The app can be far better if there are more appropriate settings applied to the same. The developer has tried to work hard on the same in giving a similar outlook. Compare to that the traditional messaging interface is better. It is just a matter of taste that's all. I am waiting for a better launcher.

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