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Thread: Manage your notes online with new Google Keep app

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    Manage your notes online with new Google Keep app

    If you are looking for a great note taking app then have a look on Google Keep. This is a new app that offers you keep a track of notes. You can embed photos and videos on the same. It is a cool application which I am using from bit time and found it very helpful. Here you can simply create the notes and save them online.

    This will help you to access them whenever you want, and whenever you want. Notes is more interactive here by adding voice and photos on the same.

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    Re: Manage your notes online with new Google Keep app

    Google Keep is awesome. I had just started using it. I found the app helpful in many ways. Before this I was using a traditional application which only allows me a kind of text based support. But now I can do a lot more in the note taking software. The good thing about this app is that you can sync this with Google drive. Through which you can access your notes anywhere you want. If there is a pc version of this app then it is great helpful because you can then view the same on your pc also.

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    Re: Manage your notes online with new Google Keep app

    It is more functional compared to Evernote. I am using Evernote from long time. I use Evernote due to simplicity. But when I saw Google Keep I found it more effective.

    Google Drive sync here is more helpful in many ways where you have a cloud support of keeping the notes. Sync works really well here. Google Keep has a web interface also. In the web interface you can simply make all the notes as you do on your android device. It is very simple and easy to use.

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    Re: Manage your notes online with new Google Keep app

    But it looks very basic. There are just few options available on the same. The reason to keep the clean interface is that you can open and view the same anywhere you want. Even if you are not on android still you can create notes instantly. And compare to Google Keep I found Evernote more proper. It is better to some extent. It works more efficiently and there are more options available on the same. You are ignoring that. It is recommended to test both side by side.

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    Re: Manage your notes online with new Google Keep app

    The best part of using Google Keep is that it is extremely simple. You can keep a record of all your stuff instantly through this. You can embed video, audio and photos on it. Instead of going for a paid app, you can go with Google Keep and sync your note through your Gmail account.

    It is extremely simple. If you are having Google Drive on your pc then you can simply get all the notes on the desktop itself. I found Google apps more productive and simple compare to others.

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    Re: Manage your notes online with new Google Keep app

    I found GNotes more easier then this app

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