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Thread: Tips to create secure Wi-Fi

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    Tips to create secure Wi-Fi

    As for a listing on a wired network, it needs to be physically connected by Wi-Fi, anyone within range of the network can potentially connect to it. And this is even more annoying than the intruder may not be visible: this can be a neighbor, passing in the street, in short, anyone. Then he is free to browse the hard drive of your PC connected to the unprotected or using your Internet inappropriately, you yourself are responsible for the acts he might commit. Fortunately, it is possible to prevent this.

    The default settings for access points and wireless routers are not secure and allow anyone to connect to your network. Thus, the majority of users switching to Wi-Fi, seeing that the wireless works straight start, do not go further and do not seek to secure it, which is extremely risky. Here is how to properly configure your Wi-Fi to make it safer.

    In our example, we used Orange Livebox. However, the features and options listed are present in most of the box, routers and access points Wi-Fi market. Do not hesitate to refer to your hardware documentation for more information and find out how to access a specific feature.

    Change the default password:

    With passwords such as 1234 or admin are very common and its not at all safer for the management console access points and routers, Better to set its own password to prevent anyone to change your network configuration. Here is how to do that:

    • In your Internet browser, enter the address of the interface to configure your Wi-Fi equipment, such as and press Enter.
    • In the dialog that opens the connection, enter your username and password and confirm with Enter.
    • The configuration interface of your router opens. Click the Access Control menu then click Change Password.
    • Then enter your old password and your new password in the fields provided for this purpose. Enter it a second time to confirm it and click the Apply button.

    Even your Router needs new IP address:

    Also for safety and to cover their tracks, you can change the IP address of the router which is generally the same for all brands, namely
    • In the router interface, click the Advanced Setup menu.
    • Then click on the menu and then click Configure ADSL line.
    • Select the eth0 IP address and click the Configure button interface.
    • Then enter the new router's IP address in the IP Address field.
    • Then click the Apply button.

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    Re: Tips to create secure Wi-Fi

    Disable the DHCP server:

    The DHCP server on your router automatically configures a machine that connects to an IP address, subnet mask, gateway and DNS addresses ... is to say all network settings required to access the network. By disabling the DHCP server, you make it difficult for potential hackers. Indeed, they need to know in advance the information of your network as they are provided automatically. You can do it easily with the below mentioned steps:

    • In the router interface, return to the Basic interface by clicking the Menu button and then click the Basic Setup menu LAN & DHCP.
    • Then click the Stop button and then click Now to apply the change. Then click the Next button.
    • You must now specify the new computers to your network settings. Just click on the Start button, click Settings and then Network Connections.
    • Click the right mouse button on the Wireless Network Connection icon and select Properties.
    • In the window that opens, click the item Internet Protocol (TCP / IP) and click the Properties button.
    • Select Use the following IP address.
    • Then enter the IP address assigned to your computer in the IP Address text box.This address must be unique and be in the range of addresses managed by the router.
    • Enter in the box Subnet Mask.
    • In the text box Default Gateway Enter the IP address of your Livebox, that is to say that you defined in the previous step.
    • Select Use the following DNS server addresses.
    • In the Preferred DNS server text, write the address you previously entered for the default gateway, that is to say the IP address of your router.
    • Click Ok

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    Re: Tips to create secure Wi-Fi

    You need to change your network ID as well:

    To connect to your access point, it is essential to know the network ID, also known as SSID. Or by default, this identifier can give hackers information items on the make or model of your equipment. Better to change it to something a little more personal.

    • In the router interface, click the Wireless Network menu.
    • Then enter your new network identifier in the text box under the heading Setting SSID of the wireless network.
    • Then apply the changes by clicking the Apply button.

    Filter MAC addresses:

    Each network adapter has a physical address of its own, the so-called MAC address. This address is represented by 12 hexadecimal digits grouped in pairs and separated by dashes. So that only your machines can connect to your wireless network, you can set an access list (ACL) based on their MAC addresses. Before setting MAC filtering, you must find the MAC addresses of network adapters computers to connect to your WiFi router.

    • In Windows, click Start, click Run, type cmd and then click OK.
    • In the command window that opens, type the command ipconfig / all and confirm with Enter.
    • Your network configuration is displayed with each network card, its physical address, that is to say its MAC address. Note the address corresponding to the Ethernet adapter Wireless Network Connection.
    • Repeat for the other computers that are Wi-Fi access to the Livebox.
    • In the interface of the Livebox, click the Wireless Network menu.
    • Select Enable MAC address and then click Edit MAC filter list.
    • Select the Allow only listed computers to access the wireless network.
    • Enter the MAC address of the Wi-Fi adapter in your computer's MAC address text box. Click the Add button.
    • Repeat for all the computers you want to allow to connect wirelessly to the Livebox.
    • Finally, click the Close button and save the changes.

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