I had rooted my mobile and installed JellyBean on Galaxy S Advance. It works far better compare to the official update. I guess many of you guys might not be happy with the official update here because JellyBean does not really work well. If you root the mobile phone and install a modified JellyBean 4.1.2 firmware on the mobile device the phone will work far better due to maximum permission and also you will get ample of unlocked features. After rooting you can also add more number of applications and tweak the device as needed. The custom firmware that I had provided below for download works great. It is essential that you take all necessary backup before doing the same so that you do not lose your data.

Steps to Root and install custom JellyBean ROM on Galaxy S Advance

  • Download the Root package first and keep the file somewhere on your desktop

  • Copy root.zip file in the memory card of your device and boot in download mode.

  • Hold Home + Volume Down + Power key. From the menu on screen clear your data and run factory reset to wipe out everything.

  • Now choose install from SD Card and select the root.zip file. Wait back for some time. The root package will take some time to get installed in your system.

  • It might take around 5 minutes minimum, so keep some patience.

  • Once the installation goes well the phone will be rooted. You can verify that by using Root checker application.

Sometime it happens that the phone fails to boot. Because the installation has a problem. I had faced the same thing. But I performed the process back again and now it is working well. It is better if you take the backup of existing rom. There are some rom backup tools that you can keep on your device and restore the rom in case of issue.