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Thread: Is Samsung going to launch Galaxy S4 Mini

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    Is Samsung going to launch Galaxy S4 Mini

    I don’t know whether I heard a rumor or it is true. According to some news sources on web, Samsung is planning to launch Galaxy S4 Mini after, Galaxy S4. This will be less in size and will have somewhat similar hardware configuration. Not exact. The mini version will also be slimmer and cheaper compare to the full size mobile device. Samsung never did this for S2 and S3. But it will be really great if they released the Mini edition of S4.

    I think this is fake news. Because officially Samsung has not discussed anything on this. They are still waiting S4 to come out in market finally. What you guys think about this?

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    Re: Is Samsung is going to launch Galaxy S4 Mini

    That is not a rumor dude, it is true. Samsung is planning to go for the Mini edition that will offer more affordable prices but at the same time they will also reduce the hardware configuration 30 to 40% lower compared to S4. The mini edition is just of provide affordable solution under Galaxy series. Loaded with all smart features and more portable size, it will far more better beating other models in the same price range.

    By the way let me tell you that, Samsung had also released the Mini version of Galaxy S3. You can find it on web. They have did the same. Configuration was lower than the original S3 and there was difference about 5K rupees.

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    Re: Is Samsung going to launch Galaxy S4 Mini

    Yes it is true. There will be a Mini version of S4. The screen size of that device will be around 4.3” in size. It will come with a Super AMOLED display with nice output. The maximum screen resolution of this screen is 960x540. The processor power can be around 1.6Hz. It is a Dual Core cpu. So here you can see that it will be bit low on hardware, and obviously that will also affect the price. It looks like Samsung is working on affordable solution to sell this device on large scale.

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