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Thread: Samsung Rex V/S Nokia Asha budget phones

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    Samsung Rex V/S Nokia Asha budget phones

    Hey guys, i need few suggestions from you all. I already have few high end mobiles such as Xperia J and Galaxy S3. Now as i bought a new number for my college group i'm willing to buy one more phone, just for making and receiving few calls. So i just wanted an entry level phone. After doing some searches i finally decided to go with either Samsung's Rex series or Nokia Asha series. But there is some confusion. I'm not able to finally which phone to go with and which brand.

    So as you guys have good knowledge of smartphones, i'm here to get suggestions from you all regarding the same. Can you please suggest me the best device from both of this series? Price should be upto 4K to 5K.

    Thanks a lot.

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    Re: Samsung Rex V/S Nokia Asha budget phones

    Samsung is undoubtly the market leader today in smartphones. They have launched devices such as Galaxy Note, S3 and now S4 which have no competitor as of now on this planet. Hence I trust on Samsung more than any other brand for smartphone or mobile phones. Also if you might be knowing Samsung has called up Rex series as “Smart Feature Phone” which means they are mobile phones with Smart features of smartphone. SO I’ll suggest you to better choose any one from Rex series.

    If you will ask me particularly I’ll tell you to go with Samsung Rex 80. As you said your budget is upto 5K, this will cost you just 200/- more but you will get the following with this Res 80:

    • 3.0” QVGA TFT LCD, C-Type
    • 3.2 Megapixel Camera
    • Dual SIM (option)
    • Samsung TouchWiz Lite
    • Samsung ChatOn mobile communication service
    • Yahoo Messenger(Push IM), Gtalk, Facebook chat
    • Opera Mini, Access NF Browser
    • USB 2.0 Host
    • Bluetooth v 3.0 HS
    • WiFi (802/11 b/g/n)
    • 20MB User Memory, microSD Slot (up to 16GB)
    • 1,000mAh Battery

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    Re: Samsung Rex V/S Nokia Asha budget phones

    Yes, you are correct amrut, Samsung is the market leader today in smartphone manufacturing, possibly leaving Apple as well behind but let me tell you that Nokia has ruled the world for over 14 years in Mobile Phones and it is still the most trusted Brand for making Durable phones. I think you haven’t seen any Drop Test videos on youtube. Check few videos about Nokia and Samsung, you will find which one is durable.

    Also if we talk Nokia Asha series, it is too named as “Smart Feature Phone” and Nokia was first to launch Smart Feature Phone in October 2011 which was later followed by Samsung, Micromax and few more.

    Anyways Dhatri, if you will ask me, I’ll suggest you to with Asha 308. I’m using it since 1 year and am very happy with its all features. You get very good battery life, web browsing, WhatsApp and several built-in games From EA.

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    Re: Samsung Rex V/S Nokia Asha budget phones

    I completely agree with you NYPD. As Dhatri already said he has two smartphones including Galaxy S3, and he need a phone just for receiving and making calls, Asha series will be the best phone for him. I will recommend this because of durability. None other brand has as much durability as Nokia.

    Coming to any particular phone, instead of Asha 308, you should better go with Asha 305 because with 308 you dont get WiFi or 3G. You will need to stuck with 2G connection which is offcourse not good for streaming videos and Browsing. So 305 is better because you will also get WiFi.

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    Re: Samsung Rex V/S Nokia Asha budget phones

    Thank you very much for the help and suggestions guys. That was helpful. I'll think on it, will do some searches and revert back with my final decision.

    Help appreciated.

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    Re: Samsung Rex V/S Nokia Asha budget phones


    can anyone please tell me if WhatsApp is compatible with both or any of Samsung Rex and Nokia Asha smartphones??

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