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Thread: Top 10 features of Samsung Galaxy S4

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    Top 10 features of Samsung Galaxy S4

    The recently launched smartphone by Samsung under Galaxy Series “Galaxy S IV” has some unique mew features which we have never seen before any of the smartphones under any brand. Lets check them individually to find out how they are useful to us:

    1. Dual Camera:

    It is an impressive feature embedded in Galaxy S4 camera which allows you to take synchronized pictures and videos simultaneously from both front and rear camera at the same time. Once captured you can later blend or mesh those video or pictures together. This is interesting because though you are capturing video of the scene infront of you with rear camera, you can still embedded yourselfin the footage from the rear camera.

    2. Smart Scroll:

    This is yet another invention of Galaxy S4. No matter you are watching video or browsing web pages, the device’s front camera’s sensor track your face or eyes and scrolls the pages as you want without touching the screen. Similarly while watching video if you turn your face or take off eyes from the phone, video gets paused itself. It will resume automatically when you will see the phone again. The camera uses your eyes or retina for scrolling the pages or pausing videos.

    3. Air Gesture

    This is yet another feature in galaxy S4 which keeps you away from touching the phone’s screen. You can simply start/stop a song or change tracks by just a wave of your hand over the screen. In the same way you can also change website pages by just waving your hand over the display.

    4. Air View

    Hope you remember this feature in Galaxy Note 2. It use to work with S-Pen. But now with Galaxy S4 you are not required of Spen. Here Air view helps you to get a preview of your messages and Emails. You just need to however your finger over the message and you will see few lines as the preview without opening the message or mail.

    5. S Voice Drive

    This is yet another useful feature introduced in Galaxy S4 which allows you to simply use voice commands while driving without need to watch on the screen. It is very useful for driver who loves to multitask. You can text-to-speech function over Bluetooth connection. S Voice Drive actually starts when with your car and allows navigation over loud voice. And also read all incoming text messages automatically aloud. This is useful because you don’t need to look on your phone or in other words you don’t need to take off your eyes from road.

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    Re: Top 10 features of Samsung Galaxy S4

    6. Group Play

    With the help of Group Play feature you can simply share and sync media or documents including games with other users around with just a tap. You don’t even need Wi-Fi AP or cellular signal. Though we have seen this feature earlier in Galaxy Grand as well but that was not as effective as this one. With Galaxy S4 Group Play feature you will be able to pair up 8 smartphones at the same time to games or videos as well. In earlier smartphones it was only possible to share music, pictures and documents.

    7. Story Album

    This is another feature of Galaxy S4’s camera. All photos and videos captured by the camera will be sorted according to your timeline, geo-tagging information or a specific event and will turn into a Album Automatically. This will be an offline photo album created automatically with the camera using Blurb. You can use not just photos and videos but also SNS posts, memos, location and weather information.

    8. Sound and Shot

    It is yet another smart feature of the Camera which allows you to capture multiple clips with sound. Once captured you will be able to erase objects from the captured pictures, make some changes to get the best burst shot. This is very similar to the features we saw in Lumia 920’s ‘Smart Shoot’ or HTC One’s ‘Zoe’ feature.

    9. Dual Shot, Dual Recording, Dual Video Call

    10. Drama Shot

    11. S Translator

    12. Samsung Adapt Display

    There are lots more interesting features provided in Galaxy S4 camera such as:
    Sound & Shot, 360 Photo, Cinema Photo, Eraser, Night, Best Photo, Best Face, Beauty Face, HDR, Panorama, Sports. Story Album.

    Apart from these other features we will get with Galaxy S4 are:
    Optical Reader, Samsung Smart Pause, Samsung Hub, Samsung WatchON, S Health, Samsung Adapt Display, Samsung Adapt Sound, and Screen Mirroring.

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